Zoya Pixie Dust – Summer 2022

Disclaimer: Press samples. See bottom for more.

Zoya has given the phrase “Give me Liberty…” a whole new meaning!

Liberty is the name of one of six new Pixie Dust polishes for summer that totally feeds into my love of the texture craze right now!

How about we hop right into swatches?!


Solange is this gritty, glittery, gold Pixie Dust. Zoya said it is made with an exclusive pigment. It’s definitely a stunner – it reminds me of a golden goddess and the sun!


Beatrix is a tangerine Pixie Dust. No shortage of sparkle here, either, and it’s as bright as the orange on a colorful beach ball!


Destiny is a coral Pixie Dust, with no shortage of golden sparkle. It’s fiery and hot, a really nice summer shade.


Miranda is a rose pink Pixie. The sun went into hiding when I swatched this one, but I almost like having the shaded and natural light photos; they really show the grittiness of the texture that the Pixie Dust polishes have! Another beauty.


Stevie is a beautiful light violet Pixie, loaded with silver glitter. I used three coats on my index finger and two on the rest. I like it either way – it’s one of my favorites!


Liberty is a bright blue Pixie. This one reminds me of the brand new liner of a pool, or one of those bright blue kiddie pools. It screams “summer” to me, and I love it! It’s my favorite of the new Pixies.

With the exception of one finger of Stevie, I swatched all of these new Pixies with two coats. Zoya recommends you can do one to three thin coats of polish for best effect with the Pixies. I prefer two. The brand also recommends no base coat or top coat (unless you want to add a glossy finish). I prefer to use a base coat, though, because my nails are struggling right now to grow and I want a base treatment.

The formula on these was great, I had no real issues applying them. They take longer to dry than my polish does with fast-dry top coat. I waited while each one dried before I took my photos, and I still dented some of my nails after waiting about 15 minutes. Like when I swatched Stevie – I dented my index finger, and had to fix it. Hence the third coat on that nail. No big deal, but just don’t plan to wash the dishes right away when you use these LOL

I let a couple of them dry really well, and I have to say, removal was not a bad experience. I always expect it’s going to be a bear because of the glitter but they’re not.

I like the color choices, this really feels like a playful, fun summer collection! Well done, Zoya!

The Pixie Dust are $9 a piece, or $54 for the set. You can purchase them on Zoya’s website here.

What do you think of the new Pixie Dust? Did you order or are you planning to? Do you have a favorite?! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Disclaimer: The Zoya summer Pixie Dust were provided to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how BeautyJudy.com keeps it real!