Zog, Masterchef USA and Frambourjoise #LittleLoves

This week has seen O return to school and a week of sleepless and unsettled nights.  I’ve been feeling pretty stressed lately, having to step up and take care of everyday life whilst hubs, A, recovers from surgery.  It’s been hard work, but he’s slowly getting there, which is great.


This little man visited the library for the first time since he can remember last week.  He borrowed two phonics books and Julia Donaldson’s ‘Zog’ as a bedtime story.  He loves to read and finds phonics really quite easy to understand – he’s picked it up brilliantly and I’m very proud!  He soared through both books in one sitting, and so we took them back on Monday and borrowed a truckload of new books to read.  We’ve read ‘Jampires’ and ‘Meg and the Dragon’ – both were greatly enjoyed by O!  He can’t wait to go and choose some other books once he’s finished with these ones!


I’ve been catching up on Masterchef USA this week, and now on the third series.  I’m a huge fan of Masterchef Australia, as the talent seems to be so much better than in the UK (sorry guys!).  I also prefer the format of the Australian show as it’s full of excellent challenges, twists and turns and the Masterchef USA version seems to follow in it’s footsteps.  Bonus, Gordon Ramsey is the Head Judge.  Winner.


I’m now 37 weeks + 4 days pregnant, and acutely aware that I could go into labour any day now.  Because of my anxiety surrounding the labour and birthing process, I have downloaded an album full of relaxation music – 101 tracks to be precise.  I’ve been listening to it on and off whenever I’ve been feeling anxious, and it’s really helped me to calm down.  I plan on  using this during labour to help me cope with the ‘pain’ of contractions – fingers crossed it works for me!


O and I did some baking last weekend, in a bid to do something productive at the end of the half-term week!  We baked a retro Strawberry Jam and Coconut Sponge Cake – reminiscent of school dinners.  It was super yummy and we all enjoyed it with custard after our Sunday dinner.


I’m at a stage in pregnancy now where my maternity jeans are just too tight around the bottom of my bump.  So I’m pretty much living in Leggings, Joggers and my Nightwear!  I did go out earlier this week with my best friend for lunch to celebrate her birthday and wore a new Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Finish Lip Stain in Frambourjoise.  It lasted all day, which I was pretty impressed with, but I’m not sure I’m keen on the Matte finish…

And Lastly…

I’ve been attending a few pregnancy-related appointments this week, midwife, health visitor, etc but also thoroughly enjoyed a full body pregnancy massage with reflexology on Wednesday.  It was absolutely what I needed to reboot my tired and aching body.  O went back to school this week and, although it’s tiring him out, he’s loving every minute.  It’s also been lovely to spend some decent time alone with A (even if he has been recovering from surgery and in bed most of the time), just watching TV and chatting about everyday things without the rush that comes with a demanding job.