Zero Waste Lipstick and Lipgloss

Zero Waste Lip Products

As the demand for vegan and cruelty free makeup has grown, zero-waste and sustainable options have started creeping on to my radar. It seems like the next logical step, especially for me who mostly went vegan and vegetarian for environmental reasons.

Zero waste lipstick and lipgloss seemed like a good place to start, because although I don’t wear it often I LOVE lipstick. I admire people who can wear it on a daily basis without worrying about smudging, rubbing or getting it stuck in their hair, I really do, but I am not that put together. Lipstick is more of a special occasion wear for me, but I love it, and I’m officially on the hunt for the perfect zero-waste lippie.

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried the zero waste lipsticks and lipglosses I’ve listed here. I’m rounding up my research to give you all of the best options in one place, but this isn’t a review! As always, I’ve focussed on products you can find in the UK.

Zero Waste Lipgloss & Lipstick

Tinted lip balm in a recyclable tin is definitely my jam, especially for day-to-day wear. Recycle the tin and bam, it’s zero waste! Years on from roaccutane, my lips still get super chapped in the winter and I find it much easier to wear and maintain than lipstick. Although I’ve picked this zero waste lip balm by NYX, Vaseline and most supermarket brands also do tinted lip balm in a recyclable tin! This NYX lip balm is just £6 and has amazing reviews.

Note: this product contains beeswax and is therefore vegetarian but not vegan

Lush is always going to be at the top of my list for zero waste products. I know there’s a lot of debate around their wider ethical practises, but you can’t deny they’re way ahead of the game when it comes to zero waste beauty products and toiletries. They have a refillable lipstick that comes in an impressive range of shades.

The zero waste lipstick comes in two parts: a sleek, aluminium case (which is totally plastic free), and refills, which come in a minimal wax wrap (which is biodegradable, but not compostable). Once you’ve bought one aluminium case you can keep refilling it with different lipstick shades, or build up a collection, if lippy is your thing.

The aluminium casing is £8, which is a little pricey for something that doesn’t come with any actual lipstick in it, and the refills are £10. In my mind, this isn’t outrageous and if you keep using them then the case is a worthwhile investment for your zero waste lipstick collection.

Fat and the Moon do a range of zero waste lip products that come in recyclable packaging. As well as tinted lip balms, they also have lip paints in glass jars with tin lids. These look highly pigmented and quite rightly so, as they are quite expensive. They come with stunning reviews, however! Fat and the moon also do a zero waste lip and cheek stain, which is (obviously) multipurpose. They also do an impressive range of other makeup and beauty options. You can buy these products online, or find them in your local zero-waste store.

Note: some Fat and the Moon products contain Beeswax, so check your ingredients carefully if you’re shopping vegan!

Low-Waste Lipstick and Lipgloss Options

This Zao low-waste lipstick is similar to the Lush lipstick above, only the refillable case does contain some plastic. This isn’t everyone’s ideal, but it still helps to reduce your plastic consumption. It isn’t cheap, at £18.75 with the case or £13.50 for the refill, but it is made to an award-winning formula.

Zao are helping lead the way into more zero-waste and sustainable choices for makeup brands, without compromising on quality. They’re only based in Luton, so you won’t be burning a tonne of fossil fuels by ordering them online, but they aren’t widely available in stores yet.

Tropic is another amazing sustainable brand with low waste and zero waste options for skincare and beauty. Their Kiss Me Quick Lipstick pans are designed to click into a refillable palette, meaning less waste. Although some of their products can be a little pricey, this low waste lipstick by Tropic is just £8!

All of Tropic’s skincare and makeup is 100% cruelty free and certified by the Vegan Society.

Makeup artists might scream at their screen when they read this, but some rules are made to be broken. This is a low waste lip product that I have tried, and I can attest that it is very velvety. So velvety, in fact, that you can apply it like a lipstick. I like to do this not only for the zero waste factor, but also because I can blend it with my lip balm to make it extra nourishing. This lip pencil comes with a small plastic cap, but that’s all the waste you get! I’m sure you can apply this zero-waste technique to your favourite brand of lipliner, too.