You Should Get To Know Me.


Full Name: Marcie Wahrer

Age: 27

Birth date: 2.3.1983

Astrological sign: Aquarius

Marital status: In love & happy since 11.11.06 (thats right 11/11)

Children: Makenna Ann (6.11.04) Maddox Joy (6.25.06) & James Eric (5.1.08)

Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 older (Debbie) & 1 younger (Candace)

Pets: 1 cat, Bob Steve-Dave NB Thomas Wahrer aka Bob (named after Bob Marley)

Nicknames: Mar & my favorite, Mommy!

Employer: Im a stay at home mommy

School: Been there, done that, got the degrees.


Color: Black, white & red, especially together.

Food: WAY too much to name. I am & forever will be, a fat girl at heart.

Beverage: Strong coffee, ice cold water, Blue Moon & Hornsbys.

Class: Upper, thanks. (lmao)

Number: 11

Flower: Callah lillies

Book: Twilight series, Geek love, Time Travelers Wife, & anything by Chuck Palahniuk & James Frey

Movie: Pulp Fiction, A Clockwork Orange, Reservoir Dogs, Crash, Nightmare Before Christmas, Grease, Dirty Dancing, Sweeny Todd, Up, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (both versions) Step Brothers, Borat, & many more!

Actor/Actress: I adore Johnny Depp, Will Smith, & Juliette Lewis.

TV show: Southpark, Family Guy, 90210, Melrose Place, Vampire Diaries, V, Flash Forward, Secret Life, Real Housewives of NJ, Tori and Dean, Survivor, Top Chef, & everything on Travel Channel.

Fast Food Restaurant: Del Taco, Panda Express & Sonic.

Store: Kohls, Target, & Styles For Less.

Board Game: Monopoly, Scrabble & Yahtzee.

CD: This isnt 1998, I dont buy CD’s.

Singer/Band: Transers, Misfits, Rancid, Three 6 Mafia, Eminem, Operation Ivy, Snoop Dogg, Bad Brains, Descendants,

Musical Instrument(s): I dont play any, but I love the piano & guitar.

Cologne/Perfume: Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance & Heavenly.

Computer Game: Im a Twitter/Facebook junky.

Thing to do on the Weekend: Fall/Winter: Watch football w/ beer & wings Spring/Summer: BBQ & swim <3 style=”font-weight: bold;”>Word/Phrase: “Keep it real”

Holiday: Halloween!

Least Favorites

Color: I dont have one.

Food: Cooked cabbage, cooked cauliflower, venison

Beverage: Whole milk (fat free only for me)

Movie: Gummo & Balls of Fury were both HORRID!!

Restaurant: Im picky w/ sushi places.

Word/Phrase: “Time heals all wounds”

Have You Ever?

Been In Love: Obviously.

Used Tobacco (smoke or chew): Last cigarette was a bit over 4 days ago.

Drank Alcohol: Of course.

Smoked weed: On the daily.

Done Drugs: Nope.

Broken the Law: Ive never been caught with anything Ive done, & besides, technically when you’re speeding you’re breaking the law.

Thought you were going to die: I hemorrhaged after both my deliveries with my daughters. They wanted to give me a blood transfusion & everything. Scary.

Run away from home: I was a BAD teen & then officially moved out at 16.

Broken a bone: Both wrists at the same time when I was 8, ankle at 13, & numerous fingers & toes.

Lied: If you say no to this, you’re lying.

Skinny Dipped: Nope.

Had a Medical Emergency: Eh, not soo much.

Do You Believe In?

Love at first sight: Nope, thats lust.

Luck: Yup.

God: Nope.

Aliens: I believe in other beings out there yes, not sure if they’re the typical aliens.

Ghosts: Yes.

Horoscopes: Sometimes.

Heaven: Id like to.

Hell: Nope.

Angels: No.

Yourself: Totally.

Which Is Better?

Coke or Pepsi: Diet Coke.

Oranges or apples: Oranges alone or apples w/ peanut butter

One pillow or two: Two.

Pools or hot tubs: My moms pool & hot tub. I hate public pools.

Windows or AC: A/C all day!

TV or radio: TV

Paper or plastic: Reuseable

When Was The Last Time You?

Cried: Wednesday while watching Makenna’s graduation rehearsal.

Went to a movie: I never go to the theater. Last movie I saw there was Princess & The Frog.

Talked on the phone: 5 minutes ago.

Read a book: Currently reading the 2nd book out of the 5 in the Shopaholic series.

Your most prized and important possession: Our family albums.

Your biggest accomplishment: Leaving my ex, graduating high school, college, & beauty school, & losing all my baby weight the RIGHT way (55lbs)

Your biggest fear: Not seeing my children grow into happy, successful, independant adults.

Your greatest talent: Making, growing & raising awesome kids.

What Do You Think Of?

Abortion: It would never ever be for me.

Pre-Marital Sex: You need to try out the product before you buy it.

Death Penalty: I believe in eye for an eye, you rape someone, you should be raped, etc.


Makes You Laugh the Most: All 3 of my kids.

Is the Most Psychotic Person You Know: Sarah Loan, although I dont have contact w/ her anymore thank goodness.

Is the Nicest Person You Know: My BFF Michele.

Do you go to for advice: My little sister, my husband, & my mom.

Do you hate: No one. I pity people, & if I dont want you in my life, you’re out.

Knows the most about you: My husband, he’s the only one that knows everything.

Has it easier, guys or girls: Guys.

Sends you the most emails: My mommy.

What Makes You?

Really Happy: Knowing my husband, kids, family & close friends are happy & healthy, the Cowboys winning games, great food & a clean home.

Really Sad: Child abuse stories, cruelty to animals, lonely old people, & missing my grandma.

Really Angry: Corporate greed, the people uneducated about marijuana, politics, the health care system, deadbeat parents (especially mothers) & people who comment on stuff they know nothing about.

What About?

School: Done with it & love watching my kids go now.

Your friends: Quality over quantity, & I’ll drop you like a bad habit.

Being female: Power of the P.

Life: I love my life <3 size=”3″>

Are You?

A Rebel Or Do You Follow All The Rules: I do what I want.

A Leader Or A Follower: A leader & I teach my children to do the same.

A Good Friend: Loyal to those, loyal to me.

A Good Listener: I try to be, but I talk a lot.

Shy Or Outgoing: Outgoing.

About The Future?

Where Do You See Yourself In Ten Years: I will still be happily married, I’ll be the mom to a 16, 14, & 12 year old, I hope to still own my own home (but a different/bigger one than I do now), I’ll have more tattoos, & will probably still be in Vegas.

Do You Like To Dream Ahead Or Go With The Flow: I am the type that MUST have goals & dreams to work toward. Thats part of what keeps me going.