Do you ever wake up in a slump?

You know, those days when you have to practically force yourself to get out of bed and face the day. This whole week has been a strugglefest for me, and you may have noticed because I’ve been slacking on the blog posts lately. I’ve been stressed out, sick, and un-inspired. My body is feeling it too. This week my face broke out in dry patches, which usually only happens when I’m sick. I’ve had a cold for literally two months, which I think is a sign of my weakening immune system. I slept nearly 14 hours last Saturday (which I NEVER do), and my mom noticed that I lost weight over Thanksgiving (don’t worry..pretty sure I gained that all back within one meal). 😉  My fiancé even tried switching the air vents in our home because he was worried the air quality was making me sick. #Bless

Stress, at its finest.

Uncertainty & Burnout

A few days ago, I woke up and thought to myself, “….okay, um, what the hell am I doing with my life.”  Usually I wake up feeling optimistic and excited about the direction of my life, but for some reason that optimism had scurried away. I wasn’t feeling it. I wasn’t feeling school, I wasn’t feeling the weather, and I wasn’t feeling life in general. Luckily, I’ve been surrounded with friends and family this holiday weekend, and that has helped.

There are a lot of factors that may have caused this slump of mine. Maybe because I’m just plain burnt out with my grad program, and the semester wrapping up. Or maybe it’s the seasonal funk I get in during daylight saving’s in Wisconsin when the sun sets at 4:00pm (such BS). Or it could be my frustration with an uncertain future looming over my head, and the fact that I’m nearly 25 years old and still don’t have any prospects of employment or a steady income (yay for Master’s degrees!) Of course, I always tell myself that it will be okay. That I’m right where I’m supposed to be. That I’m a year away from achieving those dreams that I’ve been working so hard towards for years. But like I’ve discussed in previous blog posts, I struggle with living in the present and appreciating the now. 

I like plans. I like knowing where I’m going and what will become of me. I like following the plan and sticking to it. I don’t like waiting. I don’t like uncertainty. And I sure as hell don’t like the plan going off course.

I always tell my graduating adolescent seniors that this is an exciting, unforgettable time of their lives. You’d best take advantage, I tell them. Be optimistic and fearless in pursuit of your  future. It has always been challenging for me to counsel students whom have a negative outlook. This is the time for self-exploration and opportunities!

Soooooo….maybe I need to take my own advice?

You’re Right Where You’re Supposed to Be

This blog post is a reminder to myself that I am right where I’m supposed to be. That even though I’m a semi-lost 20-something, things happen for a reason. And the same goes for you too, my lovely lost 20-something readers. You are right where you’re supposed to be.

Sometimes, our own strength and perseverance is an accomplishment within itself. Our ability to keep hope and believe in ourselves even when we stand in the face of obstacles. And guess what? It’s okay if we don’t have it all figured out. I certainly don’t. That’s all called the journey of life, loves.

Everything will be okay.

So here’s to the lost 20-something….hell, the lost 30, 40, or even 50 something. We’ve got this. <3

I got your back, sisters. So much love to you all.