You could help Mike and I get engaged!

(Mike and I, April 2011. We are a goofy, in love couple!)

Mike and I have been together for more than five years. Five years and three months, to be exact. And you can help us in our goal and dream of getting married (if you want to skip to sappy love story, go straight to the bottom to the vote for us link LOL)!

We first met December of 2006, when our mutual friend Elise was setting him up with another mutual friend! I tagged along for the night out, and to meet my friend’s boyfriend John (who became her husband, and I feel lucky that I got to be a bridesmaid and support them that day!). Mike and I kinda hit it off. I joked with Elise that hey, if our friend isn’t interested, he seemed nice! Apparently, Mike thought I was cool too.

Flash forward to July 2007. I’d just graduated with my Master’s degree, having spent the last several months working on my thesis and finishing up four years of school. I had just turned 30 (and celebrated in Vegas with my best friend, Cat, and another friend!). I wasn’t dating much, and I wanted to put myself out there. I decided to join eHarmony.

Guess who came up in my first set of matches? MIKE.

I got in touch with Elise and we giggled over it and then, well, the rest is history. We like to say that fate gave us a second chance!

Here’s a couple of pics of us. This was our first Halloween together. He went as Bret Michaels and I went as Heather from the show, “Rock of Love”:

To this day, when I call him, Mike’s cell phone ringer for me is “Rock of Love,” by Bret Michaels. Yeah, we’re cheesy like that. But at least we know it LOL

Here’s one of us in Wisconsin at his friend’s wedding, just three or four months after we started dating!:

 Here’s one of us from this past August, when we were on a boat, down the Jersey shore for the weekend:

So why am I sharing all this, you are probably wondering! Because I need your help in getting engaged LOL!

I entered Mike and I into a contest – the grand prize? A diamond engagement ring!!!!

This ring could be the start of our happily ever after…either with a proposal, or for money towards our wedding.

Before you think I’m some crazy broad that is forcing Mike to win a diamond in order to get us hitched…getting married is what we both want. We talk about getting married all the time. Mike is the guy that I see myself sipping coffee with at 6 a.m. in McDonald’s when we’re 80, on the same side of the booth, and thankfully, he feels the same way about me.

A wedding will be our responsibliity to pay for, and Mike is trying to save the money for a ring. I’m sure you know, every little bit counts when a big life event happens. Without this ring, we will find a way. But with this ring? Dreams become a reality a lot quicker. This would be huge help in our life journey together, and I couldn’t resist entering!

Right now, we are among 10 finalists in CBS Philly’s contest for five guaranteed spots in the Robbins Diamond Dash. What’s that, you ask?! It’s the actual contest for the ring! If we win a slot, we will be on a mad “dash” in a treasure hunt throughout Philadelphia with the end prize being a beautiful, ArtCarved Limited Edition Diamond ring!

I didn’t really think much about this, until I got the email yesterday letting me know that we were finalists. Now, I feel like with the support of our friends and family, we might be able to do this!!

And if that isn’t enough to get your vote…

“If you don’t vote for us, the terrorists win.”

Yes, friends. I’m asking for your help in marrying THAT man LOL!!!! Thank you in advance!!!