Year’s End Gratitude, New Year’s Goals

When I started this blog, I had two simple goals: to offer practical information on managing conflict and to reach people around

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Blogging is my new passion

the world. I was a newbie when it came to this online blogging stuff. I had a ton to learn just about the technical side of it and even more about how to grow meaningful relationships in a virtual space. Now that the year is at an end, I feel tons of gratitude to all of you who’ve followed me along this journey, some of you from the very beginning. Thank you. Thank you for reading, for commenting, and for giving me some of your precious time.

Did I meet my goals? Only you can say for sure whether the articles gave you practical information. I certainly remain committed to bringing valuable and useful content to you. All I have are end-of-year statistics that tell me which articles were most popular and from which part of the world you read them.

The following posts were viewed the most

I’ve hyperlinked them for you just in case you missed them or would like a refresher.

  1. The Secret to Handling Personal Attacks
  2. Don’t Ride the Conflict Escalator
  3. How Do You Define Conflict?
  4. Workplace Conflict Infographic
  5. Competitive and Collaborative Conflict Strategies

The stats tell me that I met my goal of reaching people around the world. 114 countries to be precise, with the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada taking the lead. Awesome.

I’ve truly enjoyed interacting–via email or in comments–with those of you who took the extra step to connect. A core group of you (and you know who you are) did so very regularly and I feel like we’ve become friends. I treasure these connections and look forward to more of the same (and with more people) in the next year.

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What shall I do next?

What are my new year’s goals?

  1. First and foremost is to continue to provide valuable, useful information that helps you manage conflict in a way that strengthens your important relationships, helps you grow as a person both personally and professionally, and maintains your sense of well-being.
  2. I will also be writing guest posts on other websites–I’ve had three invitations so far–and will let you know when and where those are published. This is part of my goal to continue to reach out to as many people as possible and keep growing those connections. It will also allow me to add texture and interesting new angles to this broad topic I’ve chosen to focus on by tailoring my content to different audiences.
  3. By the end of 2014, I plan to publish a series of small work books with a common theme. The idea is to offer more in-depth information in digestible pieces for those who wish to delve into a skill area and try out some new behaviors but aren’t ready for an in-person classroom training on the topic. There, now that I’ve made this public, I’ll have to follow through.
  4. Depending on how my time goes, I may also create one or two videos or webinars. That’s a stretch goal, though, so don’t keep me to this one.

Twitter is fun, but blogging has more room for dialogue

Twitter is fun, but blogging has more room for dialogue

Notice how I didn’t refer to the above goals as resolutions? That’s because I tend to break resolutions (who doesn’t, right?) but I do have a good track record of achieving my goals.

I am super excited about continuing this blogging journey in 2014. I hope you’ll stick around and won’t be shy about lending us (all the readers) your thoughts and ideas in the comments sections if you haven’t done so before now. You may not realize this, but we bloggers, me included, live for comments. Your engagement motivates me to keep writing and helps me hone in on and give you more of what you find helpful.


Meanwhile, I wish you and yours peace, love and joy in the new year.



photo credits: Mike Licht, via photopin cc