Would you like to receive free products from Eden Fantasy’s?

Would you like to receive free products from Eden Fantasy’s?

Eden Fantasy’s is one if the several companies I write reviews for on my other blog. It is also one of the first I recommend when anyone ask’s for a suggestion as to where to buy or check out reviews on adult products such as Lingerie, Massage Oils, and of course adult toys. These kind of products can be expensive, and for someone like me it is just not possible to purchase everything that I want so I am grateful to be able to work with them! I wanted to let my readers know that you can get your own free products too! The catch? Of course there is always a catch. But trust me, it’s easy – and tons of fun!

Eden Fantasy’s has a couple different, flexible options. First is the review program. Your reviews appear onsite under the product page of the item you are reviewing. The items you are permitted to choose from vary from user to user, based on your ranking – determined by several factors including site activity and the votes that your reviews receive from customers and other reviewers. The nice thing about posting onsite reviews is that you may make your user name whatever you like. Your blog followers don’t even have to know about it! They provide a detailed and categorized form which helps reviewers know which information to include in order to write the best review they can. If you choose not to use this form, there is also a freestyle writing form available. You will need to be able to submit a few reviews of items you own, before you can receive a free product for review.

Next, is the Ambassador program (Which is what I am participating in). With the Ambassador program, you may choose an item in exchange for a testimonial written on your established blog. You do not need to be specific on which item you received or share any of the dirty details if you don’t want to, simply write what you feel comfortable with along with a couple links and a banner. You then submit your testimonial on the Eden Fantasy’s website and you are done! If you choose to review the product you received onsite after posting your testimonial you are free to do this, and I would highly recommend it! Submitting your review will allow you to start getting votes, improving your ranking and may even help you out with your review skills so that you can earn more free products through the review program.

Now, obviously every product is not eligible and this is where I am asking you, my readers for help! This week is Sign up a Friend week and from now until August 8th for each new reviewer that signs up using my referral I will get a free gift card as long as they have submitted an onsite review by the end of August! After you sign up, you can refer your own friends and earn gift cards too – just make sure they sign up before August 8th! You do need to send a message to the owner to let them know who referred you in order for the gift cards to be issued so please let me know if you sign up to either of the above programs so I can tell you my user name! ETA: I just found out that the gift card only counts for onsite reviews, and not for Ambassador testimonials like I originally thought. If anyone needs help or suggestions with a review I am willing to help! Any one can of course still sign up as an Ambassador if that is what you prefer!

Additionally, they also have an affiliate program, which I might discuss more in a future post but if you would like to sign up for it you can help me out a bit by using my affiliate code as your referral. My code is “FES”. Using my code to sign up will not affect your earnings, but it will allow me to earn 3% on sales that you generate with your own code. You can use this code to receive 15% off any order as well! (excluding sale items)

If you have any questions or if you need help with the registration process feel free to send me an email!

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