Why I Need to Go Bold

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing my journey of applying and fundraising for my spot in the Bold Academy. To help you understand why I want to be there, I thought it would only be fair to share parts of my application with you. If it made the Bold Team want me there, maybe you’ll see and believe why I need to go.

When I was 14, being the computer nerd that I was, I joined an online forum for teenagers where I quickly became one of the most active users. There, I not only shared my experiences with feeling depressed but I helped others communicate their own stories and motivated people to see their potential in life. (Yes, I’ve been rocking out in the self-help section of the Internet since 1999.)

At the age of 16, I dreamt up my first business. I wanted to run a camp for girls that would help them move past the pressures of being a teenager and look forward to how they could use their passions to help change the world. In my fantasy, the camp would take place in a huge wood cabin on a lake on Vancouver Island, where girls could be inspired by the surrounding beauty. (Seriously. I still have an old Hilroy notebook with random notes and drawings for it.)

Last year, I started a personal finance blog to share my experiences with others and am honoured to say I now receive emails from readers almost daily. Some people thank me for writing about things they are feeling, while others say I am the motivator behind their everyday decisions to get out of debt. What they don’t know is that I’m constantly motivated by their reactions to my words.

Through experiences of my own, and based on hundreds of other blogs and books I have read, I know and believe that women hold most of the buying power in North America. Unfortunately, as a result of being bombarded with 11+ hours of media each day, we choose to spend our hard-earned dollars on “things” – things that really don’t matter.

Women are now more beautiful (by standard), and definitely more broke, than they have ever been before. And yet we still continue to judge each other based on our looks, our homes and our lives. I may only be 26, and have minimal experiences compared to some, but I know I want to live in a world where girls and women not only share their experiences but where we truly want to see each other succeed – personally, professionally and financially.

When I leave the Bold Academy, I will be more than inspired. I will have the knowledge, tools and the new support team, to help me decide on and move forward with my ultimate goal. I will be motivated to succeed and not let fear or mistakes deter me from giving up on my dreams. And I won’t have all the answers but I will have the confidence to find them.

Now… Do me a favour and say one of your dreams out loud today. Say it to yourself, to a friend… just say it. Shout it, if you want to! Imagine it coming true and let the goosebumps run over your skin at the thought of how it would feel. This is why I need to go to the Bold Academy. Because just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.