Why I Homeschool

by Sarah

Long long ago, in a galaxy not so different from this one,  there was a young girl who hated school. She never could see the point of going to school to be bored for six hours, so very early in her school career she checked out and rarely paid attention at all. She got decent grades even though she paid no attention in class and rarely did her homework. She was a fairly solid B student, and if she had done the homework, she would have had As. Every once in awhile she encountered a teacher who inspired her and she would work, but those inspirations were few and far between.

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The girl grew up, went to college–lots of different colleges, actually–met a boy who eventually became her husband, and declared, long before they had children, that she was never letting them have the same experience she had had in school. Years before she had children, she was researching other ideas on how to educate them. Eventually she discovered homeschooling and found a message board where homeschooling parents met to discuss education.

She liked the thought, so six or so years before she was even pregnant she bought her first homeschooling book.  She kept researching, and talked to her husband. He had not had as bad a school experience, but he had been in a magnet program since he was in 4th grade; unfortunately, that magnet program was being gutted and changed, thanks to changes in school environments. The couple did not live in that district anyway. He listened to her arguments and thought about his school experiences, and long before they even had their first child had agreed that homeschooling seemed like a good method for schooling their children.

The girl continued to research; she was drawn to the method laid out in the book The Well Trained Mind, but she also liked the idea of unschooling. She thought for a while longer, and finally determined that she would not work well in within the framework of unschooling; so she decided upon the classical method laid out in The Well Trained Mind, with changes to better fit her personality and those of her future children.

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Eventually the girl had a child. He was a smart, active boy child who did go to preschool, but would not be a good fit for a regular elementary school classroom.  He needed too much movement time and was not happy sitting and following directions for long.  She also had a smart, curious girl child and then a second smart, curious boy child. Neither of the younger children appeared to have the issues with fitting in a regular classroom that their elder brother did, but that didn’t bother the girl, now a mother of three. She still planned to homeschool them all when they were school age.

Then the unthinkable happened. The eldest boy child fell out a window and ended up in the hospital, recovering, for 7 weeks. His recovery was amazing, but none of the doctors thought public school was a good choice for him. The girl was fine with that because she had always planned to homeschool anyway. So the summer after the eldest boy child came home from the hospital, they started his Kindergarten year, and have been happily homeschooling for 2 years now. The girl child will be joining them full time for Kindergarten in the summer; they will continue to homeschool, following an eclectic classical method with a dash of unschooling thrown in, for as long as it works for all the children in that long ago girl’s family, adapting and changing to fit each child’s needs.


Sarahsarah–Sarah is the wife of Dan and mom to Desmond, Eloise and Sullivan (Sully).  She enjoys reading,  board games, D&D, computer and console games, the Oxford comma, and organizing fun trips. Sarah and Dan decided years before they had children that they would be homeschooling and now they are. Their family has enjoyed beginning their homeschooling journey and the early elementary years. There are a lot of fun opportunities upcoming in the next year as well, including Eloise starting Kindergarten at home, numerous trips to Atlanta, and a month long trip to India. They currently reside in a suburb of Washington DC and enjoy all the local attractions available for day trips.

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