Hey guys!! It’s no secret that I have a minor shopping problem. Just for fun today, I thought I’d share a complete guide of what I tend to splurge on vs. save on. Although I have always been more of a penny-pincher at heart, there are certain pieces that I feel are worth investing in. I’m not the designer- obsessed kind of girl, but I do believe in the power of purchasing a high-end piece here and there due to the nature of the quality. Just for fun, I thought I’d share with you when I can’t help but roll out the dough vs. when I choose to penny pinch!

Where I splurge //

  • Jeans. I think denim is NOT something to mess around with, and I’m willing to pay more for a pair of jeans that will last me a few years vs. buying a pair that is poor quality and will not withstand many washes. Think about when you find that perfect fit that you are just ob-sessed with. So worth it!



  • Sunglasses. There is just something about a pair of designer shades that gets me. You may notice I’m always wearing my Ray-Bans; I cannot get enough of them. The crazy thing is, I’ve dropped them so many times (I’m super clumsy), and they STILL are not scratched and they remain unscathed. That right there is excellent quality.



  • Boots & Shoes. I’ve bought $25 pairs at Forever 21 and I’ve purchased higher end boots. Trust me, there is a difference in quality. I’d pick the more expensive pair any day, because they last longer.



  • Sweaters. Again, there really is a difference in quality than if you buy a cheap sweater versus a nicer quality. I find that most of my favorite sweaters are from Nordstrom.



  • Makeup. My life literally changed when I started investing in Mac products vs. drugstore products. When I went to Ulta Beauty and had my first facial with Mac, I literally could not believe how well my makeup stayed on all day long.  I think you get what you are paying for with drugstore makeup.

Where I save //

  • Tops. Honestly, you could buy a high end top and STILL manage to shrink it in the drier and ruin it. I usually penny-pinch on my tops and try to spend less that $35-40 per top.



  • Bras. I feel like paying over $60 for a bra is ridiculous, and I can find something equally as comfortable at Target, Aerie, or Walmart. I know that there is just something special about buying a bra at Victoria’s Secret, but I hate spending so much money on something that barely anyone sees!




I’m super curious! In what areas do YOU save vs. splurge on, and what is the biggest splurge you have ever made?! Fun fact: I’ve actually never bought a designer handbag before!!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! xo