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When Homesteaders Vacation

Where do homesteaders vacation? We’re surrounded by lakes, ponds and streams that provide plenty of fishing and paddling. We live in Maine, Vacationland. Going somewhere means losing our peace and quiet and privacy because few places are as secluded as our house. We talked about going to fish one of the Great Lakes in New York but didn’t want to spend that kind of money with me being 99% unemployed. We chose Fish River Lodge in Eagle Lake, a three hour and 15 minute drive from home. We took the boat and Ava and Zoey. My uncle tended the homestead for a couple of days, and Taylor came home for the weekend.

This is the first time we’ve taken our high needs dogs anywhere other than to camp, and I don’t think Zoey’s even been to camp yet. Ava’s seizures are triggered by stress, and Zoey has issues being away from home after being in five places with strangers in three months last year. They’ve never been in a boat and Zoey hated water. The first time I splashed a tiny bit of water from the pond on her she acted like I’d drenched her in acid. We knew this was going to be a challenge. And then there are dogs, which Ava is afraid of, and strangers, disliked by both. Yeah for taking dogs on vacay, right? homesteaders vacation

Fish River Lodge

Ava and Zoey immediately liked Tenley, manager at Fish River Lodge. A quick sniff sniff from A and Z, and they were friends. They did just as well with Tenley’s three dogs, and Zoey struck up a friendship with Tinkerbell. When A and Z were inside Tinkerbell came to the door and woofed to be let in. Huge milestones. Ava tossed her tennis ball to Gracie and they had a great time playing indoors and out. When we let Zoey off the leash she had a short romp with Tinkerbell and came right back. Progress. homesteaders vacation

We went to Soldier Pond on Friday morning. I thought we were going to a pond named Soldier. We went to a town named Soldier Pond and fished in the Fish River. Fish River Lodge is in and on Eagle Lake. Huh? Steve asked if I looked at a map when we made these plans. <blink blink> Map? nooo. He caught fish in Fish River and I caught a couple of alders. The local warden stopped to chat. I thought for sure I’d be asked for my fishing license for the first time ever. He didn’t. He did give us some tips on flies, where to go in the river, and agreed I was in the best spot for me because “it’s wide open.” See the alder comment above…he was right.

Eagle Lake

We fished in Eagle Lake Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. The warden checked boats, keeping 20feet between his boat and others until he came to us. He pulled up beside me and we grabbed each others boats for stability. I was ready to whip out my license but again, he didn’t ask. He sent us to Mad Rock to find salmon, but we didn’t. Without down riggers we couldn’t get down to the salmon showing up on the fish finder 20 feet and more below the surface.

Fish River Lodge, Eagle Lake, homesteaders vacation
Red Bank, Eagle Lake, bass boat
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Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, homesteaders vacation, Maine Lab Rescue, Fish River Lodge
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Gary Sibley, Maine game warden, homesteaders vacation
Ava LOVES to swim. LOVES it. homesteaders vacation, English Shepherd, working farm dogAnd now Zoey doesn’t hate the water, but she’s not in love yet. She does go in over her belly! Not far enough to get the stick. Ava retrieved it for her. The Labrador Retriever x Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever doesn’t retrieve in water deeper than her belly…yet.zoey swims