What’s In My Travel Beauty Bag as a Vegan

I can’t believe it’s been a week and a half since I’ve posted on here! I had every intention of writing and scheduling posts to handle things whilst I was on holiday, but life kind of took over. (It seems to be doing that a lot, lately.) Anyhow, since we’ve been off on our travels I’ve got almost two weeks worth of telling-you-stuff to do, so if I were you I’d put my feet up because I’ve a feeling this is going to be a looooong post. I also have a feeling this’ll be going up a day late, because I have work in – (checks absent watch) – three hours!

As you’ll probably know from social media, Joe and I took a fleeting trip to Italy at the beginning of this week. It was lovely, albeit tiring, and served as good trial-run for some of the more adventurous travelling we’re planning for the coming years! I don’t think either of us noted, but it was our first time abroad together so naturally there were travel-related kinks to work out.

We only took hand luggage, so figuring out how to pack my beauty and makeup collection into a small plastic bag of liquids for the plane seemed quite a feat! It took a few special buys but I just about managed, given that Joe could vouch for half of my liquids (even though all he added to the list was a roll-on deodorant and some contact lens solution).

Speaking of the clear plastic bag, don’t forget to grab yourself a reusable one, especially if you’re a frequent flyer. Seeing stacks upon stacks of disposable plastics going through airport security was haunting, as well as the half-full water bottles that had simply been discarded of. You can get clear makeup bags for less than a pound on amazon! I bought this set of three from M&S a while back, and they’ve come in so handy! I use the smallest one for liquids and the two larger ones to separate the rest of my hand luggage so it’s all easy to access.

Some things to consider:

  • How long you’ll be travelling for – and ‘will I really use it?’
  • Whether or not you’ll be checking in a bag – remember the 100ml hand luggage rule!
  • Whether or not you’ll be able to buy products in the airport after you’ve gone through security (this seriously limits your cruelty-free options)
  • How much time you’ll want to spend on your makeup and hair whilst on holiday (I don’t bother straightening my hair when I go away)
  • How much single-use plastic you’ll be using
  • How often you’ll be travelling, and if it’s worth investing in travel-sized products, like mini shampoos or a compact hairbrush

If you have any other tips for lightweight travel, do let us know! For guidance, here’s everything I took to Italy in my ‘beauty bag’:

I’m a big fan of Lee Stafford products on a whole, but the Poker Straight shampoo and conditioner are something else all together. When I was about 13 they used to be the ultimate treat for my hair, but now I’m older and actually have a job, turns out they’re actually quite budget-friendly. They’re the absolute best for frizzy or flyaway hair which is perfect for going on your hols! These are the only vegan-friendly travel sized bottles that Lee Stafford do, but thankfully they’re one of the best. Before you buy any travel minis, remember to check that you can refill them from your full-sized bottles. If not, that’s going to be a mighty waste of plastic!

Joe and I always use Original Source body wash – it’s cheap, vegan and smells amazing – but I was a bit disappointed to see that the travel sizes were more expensive than the full sized bottle! (The full-sized 250ml bottles were on offer at £1 at the time, whereas the mini 50ml bottles were £1.20!) Still, we bought one figuring we could re-fill it every time we travel. I did think about getting a packed of plain travel bottles to decant everything into, but I’m sure we’d just get everything mixed up!

I mostly bought this moisturiser because it’s anti-oxidant and was hoping it would help my skin to feel and look healthier (which it has). The SPF 30 was simply a bonus, but it saved my life on this trip because I hate, hate, hate putting suncream on my face. It wasn’t until the last minute that I noticed the tube is only 75ml, which meant I could take it on the plane… win!

This Body Shop foundation is perfect for going on holiday, abroad or anywhere that’s hot because it’s nice and lightweight, super moisturising and has SPF 15. Paired with a factor 30 moisturiser, I haven’t been burnt yet (and I’ve got half-ginger genes!). But, don’t forget that you have to reapply sun protection every two hours; if you’re going out in the sun for a long time, it’s best to skip foundation all together so you can keep reapplying your sun protection… it’s not worth the sacrifice, trust me! I brought the Real Techniques buffing brush to apply this, which is my go-to for foundation.

I don’t really use powder over my foundation anymore, but when I’m off somewhere hot I always take one in case the heat makes my skin oily (sweaty). This Natural Collection Pressed Powder has been my go-to for years! I use a Spectrum A01 to apply because it’s big, soft, and quick to use!

I’ll be honest: I bought this during a sale for £6.50 and wouldn’t usually be able to splash out on an £18 product that’s only for your eyebrows. This is probably one of the most luxurious makeup items I own, but I always take it away with me because it’s so compact and effortless to apply. I have it in the shade Thunder and use it with a Spectrum A17 Brush, as well as an e.l.f lash & brow brush.

I’ve said a few times before, that this is the only mascara I’ve ever really gotten on with, but I very recently purchased the Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara from Tarte (again, in a sale) and instantly fell in love with it. I decided not to take it on holiday last-minute for fear of getting it confiscated at the gate (flight anxiety) and Natural Collection has faired me well for years!

Yep, it was in the sale again… how did you guess?! I’ve never had much luck with stick contours – they never seem to blend well enough – but this one is amazing. Using a brush to blend it out gave a more subtle effect, or you can pat it in with a finger to be a little more striking. It’s also perfect for travelling because it’s so compact. It’s still on sale… run and get it whilst you can!

I know this is called an eyeshadow but it’s actually an incredibly versatile product. I have it in the shade ‘enchanted’, which is very subtle when used on it’s own (perfect as a super shimmery holiday highlighter), or mix it with water and you get an incredibly intense liquid eyeshadow which lasts and lasts. It’s so good, in fact, I’ve even used it as a primer with other eyeshadows to help them stick. Again, it’s great for packing light!

Okay, so I know makeup wipes are the enemy of eco-friendly makeup removal (if that’s even a thing), but what’s a girl to do when travelling? The last thing you want to be doing is carrying bottles of lotion and reusable cloths, trying to figure out how to properly wash them. In addition, there’s the whole dilemma of getting enough product through airport security when you’re only taking hand luggage in a bid to save fuel. As an alternative, I introduce to you the bio-degradable makeup wipe. In countries that take compost waste they can go in there, otherwise you can rest assured that they won’t spend long in landfill.

I’ve been using the Greeench Deodorant Powder from Lush for a while now and it’s been perfect over the winter, when all I’ve needed was something light to keep me from smelling (?). Now it’s getting into the summer, however, I am sometimes finding that I have to use it two or three times a day (especially on a hot day at work, ew). I’m on the hunt for something a little more robust, but for the time being this was perfect as it didn’t cut into my liquid allowance.

Now this is something that’s perfect for going away! Sometimes when you’re at Lush (or maybe all the time, I’ve lost count) they’ll offer you a tiny pot of something for a pound. Maybe this is something they used to do, or maybe it’s something they do all the time, I’m not entirely sure. But, either way, I have a tiny (really, tiny) pot of ‘Charity Pot’, their self-proclaimed ‘philanthropic skin-softener’, and it’s perfect for patches of dry skin on planes!

I think I’ve covered just about everything, but if there’s anything crucial I’ve missed then do let me know… I’ll probably end up coming back to this and forgetting it on my next trip!