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What Can I Plant in My Garden Mid-June

The ground is warmer, rainy season is hopefully over, the sun is higher and days are longer. Seeds germinate faster. A seed that might take 10 days to germinate in the spring could take three now. By mid-June the weather starts to stabilize and the nights should be consistently at 50° or higher over night. You can plant a lot in the garden mid-June.

You can transplant seedlings and start seeds. I have a post on seed starting.  Days to maturity aren’t set in stone. I take about a month off the days to maturity estimate for the variety when I’m transplanting seedlings. It’s a good guesstimate for me. For seeds I start counting when the first real leaf is formed. garden mid-june garden mid-june, season extension, eggplant seedlings

Start with the day’s date on the calendar. Mark the average first frost date on the calendar. Add the days to maturity to the day’s date to get the estimated harvest date. Allow more time for harvesting crops like tomatoes and cucumbers that can be picked for months. If you’re going to use season extension like a low tunnel to protect plants from frost and add some warmth at the end of the growing season, include a few more days for that. Keep in mind that the shorter day length doesn’t allow for the fast growth plants have when the days are very long in June and July. garden mid-June.

  • Beans – bush and pole
  • Melons
  • Summer Squash
  • Tomatoes
  • Zucchini

Root Crops to Plant in June

Carrots are usually dug all at once so you don’t need many days after the maturity date, and conveniently, carrots and other root crops taste better after being hit by frost. You can blanket roots with a thick layer of straw to delay the ground in freezing and harvest longer before pulling the entire crop. In some areas where the ground doesn’t freeze you can harvest all winter. garden mid-June.

  • Carrots, radish, turnip, parsnips and beets do well in my garden when planted in June. Their tops can take frost and light freezing, and the root is sweeter after the soil cools. garden mid-June.
  • Potatoes. Commodity farmers often kill the potato tops with chemicals so they can harvest on a schedule. You can leave your potatoes in the ground until the tops die naturally.


You can transplant seedlings and plant seeds this month. I love, love, love Ministro cucumbers. It needs only 49 days to maturity and is a full sized cucumber on a long vine that keeps growing and growing and growing, and then it’s done, worn out. A second planting of Ministro seedlings should keep you in cucumbers until after the first light frosts. Cover them with a tarp or blanket to protect them from frost.

Cole Crops

Broccoli, cabbage, kale and Brussels sprouts can handle the cold. Cauliflower is almost as hardy and will appreciate a light cover such as a sheet late in the day to hold a little warmth overnight. I grew harvested broccoli, cabbage and kale into late October last year if I could beat the deer to the side shoots.

Don’t hesitate to plant more in the garden mid-June. Groceries are terribly expensive and really, nothing matches home grown vegetables. If you can extend your growing season into mid or late fall, why not!