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by Mrs. Warde

100_7551Monday. After an extended break. I don’t know what possessed me.

Actually, I do. Sandbox to Socrates wanted to feature a “Day in the Life” for each of its contributing authors. I chose the Monday after Christmas break. Things started to go off kilter, but I kept recording because I thought perhaps it might be helpful to see that one of the advantages of homeschooling is flexibility when life doesn’t go according to schedule.

I have two students: Big Brother is seven years old in second grade; Little Brother is four and half in K-4. We also have Baby Sister who is five months old. People often ask how to homeschool with a baby. It isn’t always easy, but we manage pretty well most days.

Usually I try to begin our school day at 10AM, but on this day we didn’t start until 10:10 because as we assembled at the dining room table, I realized the boys weren’t fully dressed and I thought that should change. Handwriting was up first.This subject either takes a long time or goes very quickly, depending on a certain seven year old boy’s attitude. Big Brother did two pages in his workbook, and Little Brother, who insisted on getting his own work, did a letter page in his grocery store workbook.  Baby Sister sat in her high chair at the table with us and observed for most of the time. This day we finished handwriting at 10:40 and took a snack break.

After the snack we started grammar. A regular lesson only takes five to ten minutes, but I had to  make Baby Sister a bottle so we did not finish until 11:03. We then moved on to writing. It was story and narration day, so that was finished by 11:13. From Little Brother I got “Geppetto made a wooden puppet,” and Big Brother said, “The furniture was really simple.”

After writing we moved to the couch for spelling, which we did verbally. Little Brother sang all of his answers; Big Brother acted out all of his. It was review, so we finished by 11:23. Our reading lesson was also review and went quickly as well. By the end of it, Baby Sister had finished her bottle and was ready for a nap. I wasn’t feeling well, so I let the boys play while I took a break. Most days Baby Sister has to be held to fall asleep for a nap, but this day she actually slept on my bed by herself.

Lunch was a little late, but at 1:00PM I started math with Big Brother. We tried out some new ways to practice telling time. He is a kinetic learner, so we got some pvc pipes from his building kit, and I had him be the learning clock. I did it first to demonstrate the idea and then gave times while he pretended to be the clock. He loved it, and we have done it several times since.


Next we tried an idea I found on Pinterest. Using large paper circles,  I wrote the numbers one through twelve on the top circle and had Big Brother write the minutes (:05, :10, etc.) on the bottom circle.


Then it was Little Brother’s turn for math. We reviewed his math poems and showing the numbers one through ten on his fingers. Baby Sister set a personal record for a nap all by herself, but at 1:30 she awoke so we took another break while I attended to her needs.

A hilarious failed attempt at convincing Baby Sister to try cereal, an important phone call before close of business, a bottle, another short nap for baby, two or three diaper changes – and somehow it was 4:30!  In our house, if the schoolwork is not done by 3PM, it doesn’t get done. I scrapped our bone joint demonstration, rescheduling it for the next day, and just read Inside Your Outsides and a section about bones from The Kingfisher First Human Body Encyclopedia.

Later that night I read a few short chapters from our read-aloud book before bedtime. Ideally AWANA verse practice and speech therapy homework would get done everyday, but this day was not exactly ideal.

Not ideal, but still a pretty good day.

Curriculum used:

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting, Level 1

First Language Lessons 1

Writing With Ease 1

All About Spelling Level 1

The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading

Mrs. Warde is a stay at home, homeschooling mother of three and a Pinterest addict. She has too many craft projects started to mention, though very few are ever finished. She blogs mostly about homeschooling and sometimes about preemie issues over at sceleratusclassicalacademy.blogspot.com

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