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Weedy Walk of Shame

This is embarrassing. I wouldn’t show you this mess until I had an “after” picture. This is what I call the Weedy Walk of Shame. Or “that effing mess in the high tunnel.” One is polite and the other how I really feel.

We took the cover off the high tunnel last November to let the rain and snow was away the mineral buildup in the soil. Parts of the soil were parched because they hadn’t been watered in almost a decade. When the door and sides of the tunnel are open the weed seeds blow in. I’m not a meticulous weeder but I’m getting better about it now that I have less space to weed.

Raised Beds

Might as well go all-out when the cover is off – we built ten raised beds. We brought in a load of topsoil, a load of sandy loam, and three pickup truck loads of bark mulch to fill the beds (and do a lot of mulching). The loam and topsoil brought weeds and weed seeds.

Working away from home kept me out of the garden for ten days. The weeds were already ruling the kingdom when I left. This is what I came back to. (Hangs head in shame.) Here’s my Weedy Walk of Shame.

weedy walk of shame, weeds, high tunnelNow you see why it took me so long to share this after saying I would. I know, it’s horrible. I needed enough uninterrupted time to make a difference. There are three raised beds that aren’t quite filled yet. I won’t get to them until after I get home. The soil hasn’t been watered so the top is dusty dry. In spite of the soil being much better than I expected, I’m working to improve or at least keep up the quality.

I pulled and pulled and pulled weeds by hand instead of getting the high wheeled mower as planned. Roots were either broken off or left up to die in the dry heat. The plants will wilt and die while I’m away and then will be incorporated into the soil. Once the filling and mixing are done I’ll add earth worms.
You didn’t know there was a raised bed behind those weeds, did you? It’s full of Tri-Color Bush Beans from Renee’s Garden. If you look closely you’ll find another “weed” that doesn’t belong there.
A close up of some of the weeds as well as suckers and bottom branches of leave I pruned from tomato plants. They were wilting before I finished my work.

There’s more to do

There’s more weeding to do. The outer edge on the north side is still full of weeds. I’ll pull the majority of them, put down a layer of cardboard, and then toss the weeds on top. After I’m satisfied that those weeds are dead I’ll cover the area with a few inches of sandy loam, and water it well until I have to put the hose away in late fall. The cardboard and dead weeds will break down and the space will be seeded with white clover early next spring.

Did you find that other “weed?” Dirt flew as Zoey dug up a nice spot for a nap.
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The Weedy Walk of Shame isn’t over yet but I’ve made good progress. I won’t be too ashamed now to show you photos of the entire inside of the tunnel.

What’s coming up?

Looking ahead, I’ll be talking about firewood (it’ll probably be 95° and 95% humidity that day), drying herbs, planning the fall/winter garden, putting up fruits and vegetables, wild harvesting and of course, wildlife.