Wear Teal Day

Good morning beauties!

Not only are we celebrating Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month for the month of September, a day has been dedicated to wearing and showing off our teal in support of awareness – today! September 7th is Wear Teal Day, and the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance is hosting it – RSVP to the event here, wear teal and post a pic of fabulous you in your teal – whether it’s a top or pants, dyed hair or painted toes! Last year, the alliance reports that more than 18,000 people participated in Wear Teal Day.

I thought today was the perfect day for BeautyJudy to wear its teal, and to share this week’s roundup of Teal Toes! Last Thursday I announced that each week, depending on submissions, I’m going to do a Teal Toes roundup with YOUR Teal Toes!

I also wanted to mention that I heard about a lovely group of bloggers that participated this week in a special “Teal Tuesday” for Teal Toes! I messaged with Missy of Gnarly Gnails, who was very sweet. I was going to join in the fun but I also knew I wanted to post today, and just decided to stick with it for now. But I still think this is AWESOME and want to support what these bloggers have done – check out all their teal, and their support of Teal Toes, here!

So! Up first, we have Christine’s Teal Toes! Christine is sporting Julie G Mermaid’s Tale:

Next up! Liz’s Teal Toes! She’s wearing Essie Go Overboard:

And finally, we have Mary’s Teal Toes. Mary is wearing an OPI teal (It looks like it might be Teal the Cows Come Home, but I am not sure…once I read Mary’s story I forgot about asking her the name of the polish.) See her story below the photo:

Mary said, “There is a special reason why I wear Teal Toes. Back in January 16, 1995, my mother was rushed to the ER for severe stomach pains, three days after her 60th birthday. Four days later, while in the ICU, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. She never went home. She died March 1st, 1995.  It has been a rough road for me; even after all these years, I still have a hard time dealing with her death. But I somehow manage. So, for about 10 years now, I have been wearing teal in honor of my mother. From my toes to my earrings! I even got a tattoo of a teal ribbon (for my mom) with gray angel wings (for my dad).”

Mary, this is why BeautyJudy, and tons more blogs and organizations are acknowledging Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month! To celebrate the lives of women like your mom! Thanks to everyone who shared their Teal Toes and stories this week!

And you still have PLENTY of time to get your submission in! Here’s the deets:

Send photos of YOUR Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month pedis to beautyjudyblog@gmail.com!*

Include the following information with your photo:

  • First name
  • Your URL or link to your Instagram or Twitter etc. that can be linked to with your photo.
  • Name and brand of the polish you used for your Teal Toes.
  • Tell me – is there a special reason you’re sporting Teal Toes, or are you just happy to help raise awareness? I will share this with your photo.

*All photos are subject to editorial approval. They must be crisp and clear! It doesn’t matter if your toes sport a color I’m about to swatch below – let’s just celebrate teal!

If you are a fellow blogger, watermarking is acceptable – it’s your creative property, after all! ALL photos will be credited to you – either with a link to your site or with your first name and link to the social media site of your choice.

Before I go, I’ll leave you with my teal pick of the week. I’m still wearing Wet n’ Wild Fergie in Miami Spirit on my toes, but I’ve been wearing teal on my fingers often, too. This one is borderline, as it’s a pink-green-blue duochrome, but it blows me away and I had to share. Meet Ninja Polish Alexandrite:

I’m wearing this over Diamond Cosmetics Matte Black.

Thanks friends!