Vegan Brows: Best Powders, Gels & Dyes!

Vegan Eyebrow Products

For me, vegan brow products are an absolute essential. Whether it’s brow dye (because I have the worlds lamest eyebrows), brow gel (for a polished, no-makeup look) or brow powder (for a full-makeup look), eyebrow products are the most important things in my makeup collection.

I have tried a fair few products in my search for the perfect set of brows, and have come across many really good (and not-so-good) eyebrow products. I’ve listed my favourite brow products below so you don’t have to go through it too!

Vegan Brows for No-Makeup Days

Eylure Drybrow permanent tint for brows comes highly recommended on Superdrug’s website, and by me too! This vegan brow tint is really effective (once you get the hang of applying it, that is, and stop accidentally dying your forehead).

I find dying my own brows to be much more convenient (and cheaper) than having them tinted at a salon. I still LOVE that post-salon brow look (and can’t quite replicate it myself) but from now on I’ll be saving that for special brow-casions.

The Body Shop’s vegan Brow and Lash Gel is a clear gel for – you guessed it – brows and lashes! Until recently, I didn’t get the point of a clear brow product, but the wet-look gel actually kind of makes the hairs look darker anyway, without tinting them. This vegan product is perfect for use on nearly-no-makeup days, to keep your eyebrows in place and give them a little definition with next to no effort. It’s £10, which is no bargain, but it lasts me a long time!

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Vegan Brows for Makeup Days

I simply cannot fault this Tarte waterproof brow mousse. The texture really lives up to the ‘clay’ in its’ name, but only in the best way. It keeps your eyebrows in place all-day-long with a really vibrant pigment. It’s the perfect compliment to a full face of (vegan) makeup, but may be a little intense for a no-makeup day (that’s where the clear brow gel comes in!).

Tarte makeup can be quite pricey, and this brow mousse is no exception, but Tarte do regular, generous sales and that’s how I got my hands on my brow mousse! It also comes with its own brow brush and spoolie, which makes it a little better value for money. I have fairly dark hair and brows, and use the mid-shade ‘medium brown’.

Barry M is a favourite brand of mine, and do a few vegan brow products that I love. Don’t forget to look for their ‘vegan’ label, as a couple of their eyebrow kits are not vegan. All Barry M products are vegetarian though, which is something, and they are all super affordable!

Their double-ended Brow Wand is vegan, and has a soft brow pencil on one end to perfect your colour and a tinted brow gel on the other, with a built-in mascara-style spoolie. This is a great all-in-one product to pop in your travel bag as you can use just the pencil or gel for a subtle brow look, or both for a more intense frame.

Barry M’s Brow Wow is a brow pencil, which again comes with a built-in spoolie on the other end. It only comes in two shades, which is a shame, but otherwise it’s a great all-round product and only comes in at £3.99! They also do a simple kohl brow pencil, which doesn’t have a spoolie but sharpens to a finer point for better detail – and it’s just £2.99!

It’s a Brow Thing is a unique formulation that I haven’t seen anywhere else yet. It comes with a liquid-type applicator, and applies kind of like a liquid brow product, too. It’s great for building intensity and volume, but not so great for precision.

Take a Brow is a brow gel similar to the Body Shop gel. It’s not as versatile as you can’t put it on your lashes, but it is half the price! I love any brow gel, because they colour your brows and tame them in one go.

This is another great brow product that I just had to mention. I’ve had one of these for over a year (yes, I know that makeup can expire!) and I use it all the time. I’m nowhere near finishing this brow cake – I think it might literally last forever. Again, it’s a little pricey at £18 full price, but on sale it’s a bargain and it’s definitely a long-term investment for high-quality brows.

It comes in a single palette of pressed powder, which is cute and luxurious but isn’t great for travelling, especially as it needs an angled brush.

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What are your favourite vegan brow products?