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There are many ways to manage your pins and ensure they keep circulating, but reaching the pinnacle in your pinning strategy definitely requires some help from an automated service. I’ve tried a few, but I always return to Tailwind. With a Tailwind account, you can fully automate your pins, schedule them whenever and where ever you’d like and reschedule them with ease.

Tailwind really helped me up my Pinterest game. In fact, I picked up a lot of my pin strategies from using this app the first time. At the time I decided I couldn’t afford it and tried a couple of other services before I went back to pinning my own. Let me tell you, those other services leave a lot to be desired. No one has come close to making pinning as convenient as Tailwind has. And going back to pinning on my own at the levels I maintained while on Tailwind was quite complex and time consuming. To keep track of it all, I had to create a spreadsheet so I could accurately track the rotation of my pins through each group. What a time suck! It was very time consuming and a little nerve wracking and somehow I still couldn’t come close to matching the numbers I had when I did Tailwind.

I lasted a few months, determined to pinch pennies, but ultimately I decided that Tailwind would probably pay for itself in no time and while it certainly doesn’t account for all of my recent success, it certainly shares responsibility. Even better, I don’t have to spend hours every week making sure everything pins where I want it to, which frees up time to pursue other monetizing efforts. Just look at the growth the Zebra Pit has experienced over the first 5 weeks that I got my Pinterest Plus account (8/26 – 9/22):

There are a few things you should do before signing up for Tailwind:

  1. Sign up for as many group boards as you can. The more group boards you’re on, the more places you can send your pin. Since you need to avoid spamming, having a lot of boards is a major advantage.
  2. Create a minimum of 3 unique pins for each post, in the standard 400×600 format. These pins shouldn’t look like each other and you should vary what they say so you can attract a variety of people. Make sure they’re eye-catching, easy to understand and professional looking, so other pinners will be happy to add them to their boards. We’ll cover more about pin creation a little later.
  3. Get a coupon code from an existing user, so you can each get $15 off a Tailwind plus account, the equivalent of a free month! You can use mine if you like and I’ll get $15, too!

Tailwind makes it easy to schedule pins, automatically scheduling your pins at the most advantageous times. You can schedule a single pin to all the groups you want, on the schedule you want. You simply choose the right options when scheduling your pins and Tailwind does the rest.

Tailwind Tribes

Once you’ve joined Tailwind Plus, you definitely want to join some Tailwind Tribes. You can join up to 5 and pin 30 pins a month to them. They’re meant to be reserved for your new content and working within Tribes usually gets you an even better return for your efforts than the group boards.

Be sure to choose tribes created specifically for your genre. If you’re a chronic illness blogger pinning to a tribe that’s for craft blogs, obviously no one is going to want to re-pin your pins! There are many Tailwind Tribes to choose from and you can even start your own tribe!

One of the benefits of starting your own tribe is that you get an extra 20 pins per month in your own tribe. You’re also offering a service to other bloggers in your genre and it’s a great way to meet and work with others. If you do start your own Tribe, be sure to work hard to fill it with great pinners who follow the rules. You can find them in other tribes and group boards you belong to, as well as other blogging groups and by creating posts like this one. A great added bonus; if someone who joins your tribe also upgrades to plus, you still get the $15 credit and they get a $15 discount on their membership!

Here’s a link for my own tailwind group for chronic illness bloggers. Join us before it fills up! Tailwind Tribe: Medical Zebras and Spoonies Unite!

I’ve also considered starting a Tailwind Tribe for Creative Writing bloggers, but I’d really like to be sure that I can get active participants, first. The Tailwind Tribe I use currently to pin my creative content seems to be very hit or miss. As I’ve mentioned in Building Your Blog Brand on Pinterest, this is really an area where Pinterest needs to grow and why not be the pioneers to do it?! There are plenty of book reviews and readers to be had there. Let’s add some of our original poetry, shorts, essays, book reviews, lit crit, writing prompts and advice and get Pinterest reading more than just books! If you’re interested in a group board for lit bloggers, book reviewers, poets and other creative writers, let me know in the comments. If I get enough interest, I’ll definitely put one together.

Do you use Tailwind? What do you like best about it? My favorite thing; it saves me time so I can focus more on my writing and blogging.

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