treasure hunt for kids

Treasure Hunt for Kids

This is a treasure hunt for kids.  They have to find clues that will take them to ingredients so they can make a cure for family members that are zombies. All of the kids in our family love stuff like this.

Edit and print this Treasure Hunt and then have some fun.

Here is how this treasure hunt for kids works.

  1. Each kid has a clue/ingredient to find.
  2. The clues are typed up on paper; some of them are folded and placed inside a balloon that is blown up; others are hidden in a neat place.
  3. The kids read the beginning of the treasure hunt which goes like this

We need your help some of your family members have been turned into zombies, but there is a cure. You need to find the ingredients for the special formula. Each of you will have a clue to find and solve, but work together as a team. BEWARE there are zombies you may encounter on your journey, take your swords. Remember the secret ingredient is buried in a treasure CHEST.

Now let’s get started.

  1. One kid popped the first balloon and got the first clue out of it.

The 1st clue is for _________________ to solve.

It’s hidden at a place you may play a game called pig but, there are no pigs???

  1. This clue took the kids to the basket ball hoop. We had one of the dads there with silly string to get the kids. The child that was to get this next clue had to make a basket to get the clue out of the basket ball net. This clue was taped to a stick and placed in the net so that when the basket ball went in the net the stick and clue would fall out. Here the kids got some crushed Oreos.

Good Job!               This next clue is for ________________ to solve.

This is something you like to do but usually you need a worm but not today. Reel it in and see what you have.

  1. This clue took them to the pond. This kid had to reel in the clue with a fishing pole. The clue was in a zip lock bag. The hook went through the top of the bag so the clue would not get wet. Again there was a dad with silly string getting the kids and trying to keep them from the clue. Here the kids got some cool whip.

Excellent!                This clue is for _________________.

This is something fun to do but you have to pump your legs to go high!! Wee…..

  1. This clue took the kids to the swings were there was another dad with silly string keeping them from the clue. Here the kids got some caramel sauce.

Awesome! You are doing great!             This clue is for ______________.

There is a place where frogs are jumping and little gold-fish are swimming.

  1. This clue took them to the little gold-fish pond. This one was for the youngest of the kids, my Mikie. My husband was hiding behind the tree and jumped out to get him. No silly string here. Mikie is shy and sometimes he doesn’t want to play, so we saved him for second to last so he could see what was going on and not be scared to participate. This clue was floating on the pond in a balloon. The balloon had the clue and a small rock in it. It was tied to chocolate syrup and he had to pull it in.

Wow Super Job.         This clue is for _________________ to solve. This is where the very special ingredient is hidden, beware it maybe guarded. This is a place inside the house but it’s very, very cold + dark. No windows to see out.

  1. This clue led them to the deep freezer. This one was for the oldest child. There was tape over the light switch so she could not turn on the light. We had a balloon rigged up so that it would pop when the freezer was open. Inside they found ice cream.

CONGRATULATIONS you did it, you found all the ingredients you need to save your family now quickly make the formula and feed it to them.

  1.  Now they went to the kitchen and made a dessert. To make the dessert they:

a)     Put the Oreos in the bottom of a cake pan.

b)     Put the vanilla ice cream on top of the Oreos.

c)     Put the chocolate syrup on top of the ice cream.

d)     Put the caramel on top of the chocolate syrup.

e)     Put the cool whip on top of the caramel.

Now everyone could eat dessert.

What type of treasure hunt for kids do you do?

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