Hello friends!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I hope you guys didn’t give up on me! 😉 I hope you are all doing well. I took a much needed blogging break to focus on other parts of my life. I could write a book on how busy I have been in the duration of the past two months! Mostly, I’ve been throwing myself into work and focusing on my health/fitness. My seniors are getting close to graduation, so there has been lots of prep work associated with ensuring they are on track to graduate, preparing our scholarship award ceremony, and tying up loose ends as they prepare for life after high school! My first year as a school counselor has been so busy, but I’m loving every minute of it! It is incredibly rewarding and humbling to be a part of my students’ journeys.

Health wise, the good news is that my broken ankle is mostly healed! It is still pretty swollen but thanks to physical therapy, I have made great progress. I was even able to break out the heels from my closet! I’m still not able to do intense amounts of cardio; a 15 minute walk is about my limit, but I am grateful for even these small victories! I’ve been pushing myself harder than ever; I have to constantly remind myself that I have to take my recovery slow so I don’t re-injure myself! I have been investing so much energy into tracking my nutrition and getting fit. Wellness/fitness has always been a top priority and something I am very passionate about. I can’t WAIT to share everything I’ve been learning/investing my time into. Would y’all like if I started a wellness series on this blog? I’m thinking about it, because there is SO much content I’d like to blog….from sharing my healthy eating tips, to my mindfulness journey to staying spiritually strong, to fitness apparel, to how I stay motivated, and more! Let me know what you’d think!

In the meantime, I’m popping in to share a fun transitional spring look! Wisconsin weather has been teasing us with sunny, blue skies…..at 30 degrees. We’ve had a few days where the temps hit 50, which had all of us in good spirits! Unfortunately,  my favorite season is still a few months away, so for now, I’m sharing an easy look for the cool spring months.

I snagged this olive green floral at Maurice’s and paired it with this adorable matching blush bag. I layered it with a short-sleeve frilled cardi from Target. I’m so sorry, but I think the cardi is sold out! I always find so many cute clothes from Target though- in particular, I love the Knox Rose brand! The nude heels I’m wearing are actually the heels I wore on my wedding day, too funny!! The dress fits a bit oversized, but I love anything that gives off a slightly casual, yet feminine vibe. The more layers, the better.

Photos by Shaunae Teske // Dress: Maurice’s / Cardigan: Target (Knox Rose) / Bag: Maruice’s / Shoes: DSW / Sunnies: Ray-Ban

If you’d like to replicate the look, you can shop it HERE!

Hope everyone has a great week! Stay tuned for more regular posts, I am hoping to get back into the blogging thing more regularly! 😉 My goal is two posts a week. Thanks for sticking around, and growing with me! As always, chat me up on in the comment section!