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is the bag I carry basically everywhere. It is a merger of my everyday
carry bag, survivalist ‘get home bag and military assault pack. It has
plenty of room for the usual civilian EDC lunch, laptop, paperback book,
etc all for when I go someplace. Admittedly the ratio of stuff in there
to spare room is pretty high but the stuff in there already covers many
of the anticipated needs I
would be putting stuff in there to fill the bag with anyway.

system presumes I am carrying my normal EDC stuff and have servicable
clothing/ footwear. I keep some clothes and footwear in the vehicle in
case I get caught in swim trunks and flip flops.

system is carried in a Tactical Tailor backpack. It is about a decade
old so names and models have changed but I think they still make a
similar bag. This thing has been used and abused and just keeps kicking.
There is something to be said for buying nice once. I attached a water
bottle holder, want to say Maxpedition brand.

The whole system is shown on my HPG Serape.

Generally from left to right, grouped by rough system:

I set this system up with the home made MRE day of food (oatmeal,
ramen, tuna, granola bars, peanut butter) in
the ziplock bag but ended up puttiing a bunch more stuff in there, plus
an MRE plus a small baggie of granola bars and snacks that sits in the
front pouch for easy snacking access. Without doing calorie math this is
probably enough food to replace energy/ calorie loss in a high output
environment for roughly 2.5 days. There is also a 5 hour energy shot in
there. Also pictured are a plastic spork and a metal spoon.

2 pair of boot socks, a pair of nomex fliers gloves, a t shirt and
underoos. Also there is a lightweight poly pro top and a
fleece beanie. In putting this together I toyed with taking them out as
well it is June in Louisiana but they are pretty light and small. Might
be good to have in case I get wet and the temp drops a bit or
something. The clothing currently rides in a white plastic trash bag in
case my backpack gets moist.I would like to replace this with a USGI wet
weather bag or similar civilian equivalent.

on the other side rolled up is a multicam soft shell type jacket. They
are comfortable, breathe well and are good for wind as well as moderate

Shown is a Petzl headlamp and a little LED light. In making this my
daughter got to messing with the small light and I found out it doesn’t
work..Next to it is a small bag with a variety of batteries (AA, AAA and
CR2032) plus a bic lighter.

Tools: Ka
Bar. I wanted a good fixed blade knife for this system and it seemed
like a decent candidate. Certainly it was the best candidate already in
my inventory. It is there for heavier survival type tasks my folder
might not be ideal for. Also it is sharp and could hurt someone if
needed. Given that this bag is often lying around here or there I want to
stick to tools that are fairly low priced. Would be hesitant to keep a
$400 Busse TGLB in here but a $50 Ka Bar is an acceptable risk.

am looking at shifting up to a slightly beefier more survival (vs
fighting/ general) type knife specifically one of those beefy British
MOD Sheffiield survival knives or some sort of Ontario offering.

I have a ‘boo boo kit’ with band aid’s, tylenol, moleskin, liquid
bandaide and athletic tape. The goal is to keep me walking and treat
minor injuries. There is also a chapstick in there. Next to it are a
pair of spare glasses and some ballistic eye pro.

A small cleaning kit plus a ziplock bag with an old
toothbrush and some pipe cleaners. This is mostly because I use the bag
for military applications as well as general/ survival use. Still being
able to clean a weapon is a handy thing.

Honestly I dislike this kit and prefer the older ones with solid metal rods but well this one was handy.

The system is shown on my HPG Serape. It is expensive but a real useful
do a lot of things piece of kit. There is a generic casualty/ thermal
type metalish blanket in the  middle and a survival solutions OPSEC
poncho over on the right. Next to the poncho are 4 lightweight metal
stakes wrapped with a wad of 550 cord and 2 bungie cords to aid in
shelter making.

Between the poncho, serape and casualty blanket I have a decent 3 season solution for the South.

Communication: A couple 3×5 cards and a variety of
writing implements. Also a piece of VS-17 panel for signaling.

Compass, a Silva base model I’ve had for half my life. It still points
north and is light n easy to stick anywhere. The 1 gallon bag has my
navigation stuff which consists of a couple maps, a protractor and a
couple pencils.

Water:a 1qt steel bottle with nesting lid. For resupply I have a Sawyer Mini water filter and a bottle of purification tablets.

Hygiene: I have a roll of TP for obvious reasons. 

Cordage: There is a wad of 550 cord in a small ziplock bag.

This system presumes I have my normal CCW pistol. Shown are 2
33rd Glock magazines and a G19 mag. They are empty currently. Also 100
rds of 9mm ball is there. I’m still sort of feeling this one out.
Honestly I’m not too concerned about firepower but the idea from Ed’s
post to keep a couple
extended mags seemed sound, the G19 mag is just in case I forget to
bring a reload or otherwise need a normal sized mag. The ammo is enough
to load the Glockamole mags and the spare G19 mag plus reload my 2 edc

in my area if things developed in such a way I needed them there would
be plenty of time to load them. I carry 2 mags for CCW so this is not a
huge concern.Got to figure this part of the system out.

To Do (at some point or another):

Replace small LED light

Purchase USGI WW bag.

Get mag
pouch to hold 2 extended glock mags. Probably load said mags. Figure out how I want to carry any extra ammo.

Replace plastic spork and metal spoon with 1x metal spork.

Replace cleaning kit with a better one.

Relook food and maybe remove some through attrition.

Add an IFAK for trauma. I have the stuff, just need to put it together and toss it into the bag.

Add a pair of cheapo foamy ear plugs.

a bit of cash in there. I typically carry $150-200 USD in my wallet but
$40 in mixed bills with a few quarters wouldn’t hurt.

a stuff sack for the stakes, cord, etc.

am toying with putting a hydration bladder into this system. It would
boost the water capacity a lot and be handier on the go. I have a
minimalist camelback and a couple spare bladders so it will not cost me
anything to try.


concerns in rural Louisiana are not the same as many peoples. As such
you can see it is far more outdoor survival oriented than on more urban
concerns of riots and such.

bag is rather militaristic and full of multi cam as well as various
USGI stuff. That is because I am in the Army and A) this setup is dual
use for comparable military and civilian applications.  B) It was
largely put together of stuff on
hand. Aside from duplicates (headlamp, water bottle, etc) the only
stuff purchased intentionally for this kit were the bag (about a decade ago for Army stuff) and the HPG
Serape. The rest was already on inventory.

I was a civilian the bag would likely be a quality Kelty/ REI type day
pack in an earth tone. Ditto for the multicam being replaced with green
and the USGI stuff with civilian equivalents.

folks were interested in setting up a similar system I would recommend
they focus more on type/ capabilities of stuff than exact make/ model.
No real reason you should get a basic Silva compass like mine over say a
comparable Brunton model that is on sale. 

Edited to include:

Part of the reason I wanted to to do this is because this bag is going to receive some attention in the near future. My goal is to make it a bit more versatile to a wider variety of more modern concerns. As such I wanted to document the original and then look at/ talk through the changes that will be made. More to follow in coming weeks. 

As always your thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

Edited to include:

I was going to write a couple of lengthy replies so it made sense to bring them up to the main page. Comments will be in


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