Top Australian Travel Bloggers 2022

Top Australian Travel Bloggers 2015

Because who doesn’t love discovering new blogs to bookmark?


hey’re living the dream and it’s damn exciting if you think about it… They trail blaze all over the world, boarding planes and blogging their way to the next big adventure.  So while I’m here on Aussie soil, it seems fitting to pay tribute to three of 2015’s most popular Australian Travel Bloggers. Each one of the digital nomads I’ve dished up on the shortlist is leaving their mark on the blogosphere and attracting big numbers of followers from all over the world because of it.  In no particular order here are today’s top Australian travel bloggers.



eaving his Sydney based broadcast journalism job behind to fly the coop, Michael Turtle ventured off with his passport, a severe case of wanderlust and an indefinite plan to explore the world.  Fast forward a few years and Michael has well and truly made a name for himself as an Aussie Travel Blogger Extraordinaire.  His award winning travel website, Time Travel Turtle, is so popular it was recently crowned  Best Australian Travel Blog 2014.  Do yourself a favour. Bookmark this blog and follow Michael’s adventures… You can thank me later.



ocumenting their jaunts across Australia and the world, Caz and Craig Makepeace have more than a few stories to inspire the worldwide web’s wanderlusters. Serious travel addicts and dedicated travel bloggers, this married couple from the Central Coast of Australia have lived in 5 countries, travelled through close to 50 and most recently been found road tripping around Australia with their two daughters.  Considered a go-to source for insight into the art of travelling with a family, y Travel Blog is one of the biggest travel blogs in the world, jam packed with articles, photos and podcasts it’s got something for travellers of all ages and budgets.



ondon-based expat Chris Richardson is the uber informative Aussie globe-trekker behind The Aussie Nomad. In this sleek, high tech and highly engaging travel website, Chris covers everything from backpacking and luxury travel, to practical instructional guides for travellers, expats and even other travel bloggers. With a glowing reputation as Mr-Fix-it among bloggers who need a bit of tech assistance it’s no wonder pretty much everyone has The Aussie Nomad bookmarked. You can get play-by-play accounts of The Aussie Nomad’s adventures on his Real Time Blogging Wall, which relays his movements using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds and a tracking map.  

Which blogs would you put on your Top Australian Travel Bloggers list? Let me know in the comments below. Who doesn’t love finding a new blog to bookmark?!