Top 5 Reasons Why You Failed

Failure is one of the worst feelings in life. The feeling that you didn’t succeed; that no matter how hard you tried, you didn’t make it; ­that you just weren’t enough. We all desire to achieve our goals and to make it. We are constantly striving to improve our lives and when we fail at this, it hurts. No matter who you are. Why are you failing? There are common patterns in lifestyles, decisions and attitudes that lead to failure. Read on and see if you fall into one of these categories. If you do, the first step is to acknowledge what you are doing wrong and commit to making a change.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you failed:

1.) You surround yourself with toxic people

Being around “toxic” people is not only a buzz killer, it’s what I like to call a “dream killer.” How many times have you been around a specific person who made you rethink your dreams? “Toxic” people are judgmental, jealous, negative, and/or hurtful. These are the kind of people that when you talk to them about your goal, they give a skeptical vibe and make you sink a little in your chair. You know that they truly don’t believe in you or secretly don’t want your success for whatever reason. Toxic people could be family, friends, co-workers, bosses, or acquaintances. You need to let these people go. They will not support you or help you; they will only harm you and cause distress. It may be hard to break free of toxic people, but I promise you that it is extremely liberating and worth it in the end.

2.) You don’t believe in your dreams

You failed because you don’t believe in your dreams. Let me ask you something- if you don’t believe in your dreams, who will? Anyone who has ever accomplished something has given it 110%. Look at CEO and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. A brilliant Harvard student, Zuckerberg dropped out of school his sophomore year to pursue his dream. Do you think he would have been successful if he didn’t have full and complete confidence in himself? Absolutely not. He envisioned something that could be great and pursued his own path. I’m sure at the time he was highly judged and criticized by his peers for “throwing away” his education, but he did what he had to do and look at the man now. Net worth of 33.3 billion and creator of the social media revolution.

3.) You are not educating yourself

To truly succeed at a goal, you need to be fully committed and do your research. Those who are successful have read books, spend time reading articles and forums, have met likeminded people, and make sure they set aside the right amount of time. They learn from others’ ideas, trials, failures, and triumphs, and make their own journey individualized. If they aren’t able to put in a decent time commitment, they cut something out of their life to make it a priority. They put their blood, sweat and tears into their goal. Lastly, they learn from their past failures and incorporate what they learned into their new attempt.

4.) You don’t take baby steps to achieve your goals

Goal setting is imperative in order to succeed. Starting small or short term (weekly) goals that are written down and given a timeline will lead to long-term goals that are more achievable. Baby steps first. For example, it is not very realistic to say that your goal is to lose 100 pounds in a year. Instead, it is realistic to commit to losing 5 pounds a month. Set little goals within your weekly goals, i.e. “I am only allowed to have sweets for dessert twice this week” or “I will commit to going for a run three times this week.” If you don’t write down your goals, your chances of achieving them are cut drastically. Writing it down is like a consented “contract” to yourself that you are willing to commit. Just remember- a goal is simply a wish if not written down.

5.) You don’t take time for yourself

Sometimes when we are so fueled by our passion to succeed, we don’t take enough time for ourselves. For instance, when you are working overtime to get that promotion at the office and neglect getting proper sleep and physical exercise, you are being quite harsh to yourself. Every day, try to take a little time to shut your mind out of your work or goal and relax. Whether it is cooking, exercising, meditating, praying, cleaning, taking a bubble bath, reading a chapter of a book, WHATEVER, just make sure that you do something for yourself that feels intimate and lifting for your soul. A car cannot drive unless it is fueled and maintained. Think of yourself like a vehicle; how can you expect to succeed if you are not recharged, fueled, and taken care of?

Believe that you have a purpose and reach for your dreams. Don’t let anyone or any excuse get in the way. Best of luck, and thanks for stopping by!

Be well,

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