Today was one of those days…

Today was the day my daughter was so looking forward to – Max & Ruby Live! She had been asking me nearly every day for the last couple weeks if it was time yet and was so excited when I finally said Yes! Today is the day. Sometimes I wish every day were so eventful, but in reality I like my boring days – even though they don’t give me anything to write about…Well, here is a very long post to tell you all about my equally long day.

A friend of mine has had his stuff stored in my garage for some time, and had arranged to come and get some of it today so before it was time to get ready for the show I had to wait on him. That turned out to be fairly un-eventful, I was happy to see him as it had been a while, but he didn’t stay to chat or anything since he had brought his brother-in-law along to help. They loaded up the truck and went on their way in under an hour so not much to say about that, hopefully we can catch up next time.

After that we started to get ready, rushing around and leaving a few minutes later than planned – as usual. Thankfully I had planned to leave extra early so the few minutes didn’t matter. I had never been to the Pantages Playhouse Theater before, and neither had my driver so we ended up passing it and having to turn around because we missed the sign. With all the one way streets in the area it took more than a few minutes to get back to it but we were still on time.

We quickly found our seats and waited for the show to start. They had a no camera policy, but I managed to sneak some photos anyway. I wasn’t the only one…others were using their cameras with the flash, I can’t imagine their photos turned out too well in the dark theater. I wasn’t able to upload them yet, but will share when I post my review!

My girls sat quietly through the beginning of the show, and like most live performances there was an intermission. After the intermission instead of the quiet co-operative girls I had in the first half, they both started getting restless. My toddler wouldn’t sit still and insisted on nursing, which she doesn’t often do anymore when we aren’t at home (Luckily I wore my Expressiva Nursing Top!).

When the show was over we were supposed to be picked up at the door. I wanted to use the restroom but my oldest daughter wouldn’t stand still to wait, I figured since I would be home soon I could just go when I got there so went outside to look for my ride. The show ended a few minutes earlier than I had expected so I wasn’t worried that he wasn’t there yet, but once he was 5 minutes late I started wondering (he is anal about being early!).

By this time my daughter was running all over the large cemented area in front of the building and wouldn’t stay near me no matter how many times I tried telling her to stay still. It was when she was pulling the you-can’t-catch-me bit by running circles around the flower pots that I finally saw my husband walking up. With the day not quite ready to end, he greets me by telling me the van won’t start.

Oy. Remember how I said I had wanted to use the washroom?

Just before I was about to call my Mom to come and pick us up, he got the van going and we headed home. We got there just in time, as the boys were dropped off from where they had been for the day only about 5 minutes later. When the boys are home the neighborhood kids tend to swarm around like bees, and the next thing I knew the pup was running down the street because these kids go in and out the gate like no body’s business and he escaped. The evening went on to us watching a movie and having a late supper, and my 9 year old throwing a huge tantrum. I’ll save that for another post, since this one is already way too long as it is! Right when I thought everything was going to calm down, my toddler knocked down my Doodlebug Scentsy Warmer and the top broke in two. *cries*

Sigh…please let tomorrow be a boring day!

On another note, I had a record amount of giveaway entries today! I added my giveaways to a few linkys and sites recently, where did all my wonderful new friends come from? Thanks for all the support and good luck everyone! I’ve cheered up quite a bit now, especially after finding out that I won a Cisco Valet wireless Router from One Savvy Mom!

And also…

The Max & Ruby Bunny Party Tour isn’t over yet! They will be travelling across Saskatchewan and Alberta next so make sure to check if they are coming to visit your city too!