Hi fam!

How are you guys?! I’ve missed you!

Guess what?! This is the first time I’ve posted since I am a newly MARRIED woman!!! Not to spoil anything, but it could not have been a more beautiful day. Stay tuned for when I have the photos, and I will share everything more in depth at a later post. 

As many of you know, I’m currently in a new life transition, as I started my first full-time position as a school counselor this August. In honor of my new position, I thought I would share a post on my personal tips on how I dress stylish for work. When I first started my career a few months ago, I found it difficult to shop for professional clothes that weren’t frumpy or boring. I desired to keep my signature style but struggled with differentiating between what was professional and what wasn’t.

Without further ado, here are some of my tips for dressing stylish at the office!

1.) Prints are your BFF

Oh, how I love wearing fun prints! I will be honest, when I first saw these pants on the rack at Express, I couldn’t decide if I at first loved or hated them. After trying them on, it’s safe to say that I was in love. I absolutely adore the black + brown combination, and the pinstripe flares. SUPER fun.

An easy way to spice up any outfit for the office is to add some prints to you wardrobe. Prints are EVERYWHERE this season…whether you are shopping for dress pants or blouses, you are sure to find something adorable! My favorite stores to shop for work clothes include Express and Maurices.

2.) Dress in layers

Another fun way to spice up your professional look is to layer pieces together. I love layering because not only does it feel super cozy and warm (try living through frozen Wisconsin winters!), but it adds a fun touch to your style. Layering gives you the opportunity to get creative! For example, try layering a ruffled blouse with a leather jacket or a blazer, with a chunky necklace.

3.) Take a risk!

The whole point of dressing stylish for work is to go against the norms that may already in place at the office. Of course, always err on the side of professionalism, but don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. As long as your outfit is not distracting you from being productive at work, and you are expressing yourself in a tasteful manner, people will envy your ability to exude confidence and creativity!

Photos by Shaunae Teske / Top: Express / Pants: Target / Watch: Klasse14 / Boots: Target / Purse: Target / Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Other current trends that I’m dying to incorporate into my office wardrobe include:

– Pinstriped pants
 -Printed pants
– Ruffled blouses
– Turtlenecks + chunky necklaces
– Mid Rise pants
– Casual jeggings 
– Blazers
– Chunky Knits

What are your favorite styles to wear to work? Leave me a comment below! XO

P.S. I hope you all know how much I miss blogging on a regular basis. I hope to get back into my old routine sooner than later! I can hardly wait to share those wedding photos with you. Thanks for always being such loyal, caring, supportive readers! I don’t know what I would do without you. <3

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