The Week from Hell…

I suffered from serious writer’s block this week. A few times, I would start writing a post, then lose my train of thought and give up. In fact, it’s starting to happen again with this post already. But I thought I’d give you a quick update on why I’ve been so easily distracted this week…

After Monday night’s fiasco, I had trouble sleeping for a couple nights. I know, I know… that’s probably very dramatic of me. But I’m not used to the noises of my new place yet, so any and every creek sent goosebumps running down my body.

Tuesday after work, my friend (the same one who was here with me on Monday) and I went for a great hour-long walk. On the way back to my car, I slipped on a patch of wet grass, twisted my right foot, and took a hard landing on my left knee. When it happened, I knew I had injured myself. But I managed to get us both home and hobbled around to make myself dinner, etc.

That night, after only sleeping from 11pm-1am, I woke up with the most excruciating pain in my right foot. I tried to get up for an ice pack and some Advil and found that I couldn’t put any weight on it. I never fell back asleep and took the day off work to both keep my foot up and also go to the doctor. The doctor said I had either stretched or torn ligaments on my foot and sent me for x-rays.

On Thursday, I went back to work and then to the ‘rents after for dinner. When I got there, I found a stack of mail for me on the fridge, including a thick envelope from Canada Revenue Agency. Expecting to see my 4-digit online filing code for my 2011 taxes, you can imagine my surprise when I read that they had re-assessed my 2010 taxes and I now owed them $497.32.

I sat on the ‘rents couch and burst into tears. Only for a minute or two, but I couldn’t hold them back. How much worse can this stupid week get!? was all I could get out, when Mom asked what was wrong. Only I didn’t say stupid. Then this tweet happened: I’m a broke blogger who’s scared in her new apartment, can barely walk, and now owes $500 that she doesn’t have. Yep, it was a Grade A Pity Party.

I spent the rest of Thursday night researching their reasoning for re-assessing my 2010 taxes. Not only is it ridiculous, it’s incorrect. I’ll dedicate an entire blog post to it next week but, after spending all of Friday morning on the phone, I was told that if I could fax in proof of my reasoning then I wouldn’t owe anything. Unfortunately, to avoid interest, I have to pay now and wait for a possible reimbursement.

Do I have an extra $500 laying around? Not exactly. But I do have just over $400 in my Emergency Fund. I haven’t made the payment yet, and it kills me to think I would already be using up my Emergency Fund, but I’m not sure if I have a choice. Especially when the only other option is to put it on my credit card. Sigh.

Anyway, I’m sleeping much better now. My foot is at least 50% better already (I can walk slowly and awkwardly). And, while I have to pay the CRA now, I’m confident my case will be proven and they will reimburse me in a few months. Fingers crossed, anyway!

How was your week? Hope it was better than mine.

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