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Now that you’ve been on our honeymoon with us, I imagine you’re asking, who even are these people??

Well, funny you should ask. If I’m honest, I’ve had a bit of mid-twenties crises this last little while wondering the same thing. But it’s not necessary to get into that before you know the basics. Or ever, for that matter.

I am Kay.

I was born in Turkey, my dad being stationed there with the AirForce at the time. I grew up for the most part, in a small town in the panhandle of Texas (the top of the box at the top of Texas), which explains my occasional usage of words like “y’all” “ain’t” and “fixin’ to”. My accent isn’t Texan though, in fact nobody really knows what it is. I seem to have picked up a unique, somewhat European English one.

I have three siblings, an older sister, a younger sister, and a barely younger brother (18 months between us). I have one nephew who is the center of our worlds (other than Jesus. Amen.)

I’ve been married for a whopping nine months to my Hungarian sweetheart named Ber (pronounced Bear), who really is some most of the time a sweetheart, whom I met while I was living in Hungary as a missionary. He is the oldest of 5 + 2 foster kiddos. And to let you in on a little secret, since you’re being so nice and reading all of this, Ber is actually 3.5 years younger than me. (Never say never, ladies) However, no one who knows us wonders who is the more mature one.

Our pre-marriage relationship spanned 3 and a half years, the large majority of the time being long distance. We officially lived in the same country for the first time since our relationship began, 3 months after our wedding. In many ways, marriage has made our life much less complicated.

We live and are making our first home together in an apartment inside a fachwerk house in a small village on a lake in Switzerland. Ber works as a software developer and is wrapping up his studies at ETH to be an electrical engineer.

My resume is a complicated thing. I have worked as and am currently working part time as a caregiver in the home. But I’ve also worked as an au pair, a nurse assistant, a missionary, a photographer, a teacher of English as a second language, an emergency medical tech/ambulance driver… and I’m sure there is something else I’m forgetting. Yes there is, my first job. My first job was for a mom of 8 kids cleaning 4 toilets.

Little long term experience and lack of a college degree is something which does not really shine in the culture I’m living in (probably doesn’t “shine” in any culture dot dot dot) but I can say each of those experiences have taught me something which I think I could have never learned at a university. I’m growing prouder of each one and embracing the part of me it represents.

Altogether I have lived in 3 different states, and 6 different countries. I moved to Hungary when I was 20 and now we live in Switzerland and I’m 27. Where did the time goooo??? I speak very little Hungarian, but as is typical, I understand a bit more than I speak. German is my strongest foreign language, and Swiss German is my newest nemesis.

I am both outgoing and an introvert. It’s hard to explain, but after many new adjustments over the last several years, I am much more, shall we say, subdued, than I use to be. Language and culture play more than a subtle role. Though I can be quite chatty in German as well, I think the Germans and Swiss have a picture of me being much shyer than my American friends have.

Politically and spiritually, I am conservative-ish. I’m guessing a lot of my readers would consider me quite liberal on a social level. I enjoy a hearty conversation about matters of the soul as well as of society and its present condition and hope for its future.

I love experimenting in my little kitchen, decorating our apartment, and going for walks along the lake. I collect quotes, I like to journal, and of course, I love capturing beauty in a photograph. And, I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to mention coffee, but coffee. I drink it, like, a lot.

I love writing. Did I already say that? I often talk to God through written words. I also love hearing people’s testimonies of God working in their lives. I love sitting at home with my husband watching movies together, cooking together, eating together. I especially enjoy visiting new places and seeing different ways of life. Honestly, I’m a bit worn out from trying some of those ways out, but I still am very curious about people and culture.

So I’m a newish bride who’s runaway to a few new countries and for a few adventures, but who is treasuring the opportunity to create a sense of normalcy and routine in her life this year. It’s been a roller coaster ride these last few years, and though life remains exciting for sure, there is something precious about the mundane.

Ok, now that you officially know more about me than my average Facebook friend, which is probably far more than you even ever wondered about me, it’s YOUR turn. Who are YOU? Leave a comment, make my day, and tell me who you are, how you found this place. (Even if this is your very first visit!) If by chance, we’ve already met, then leave a comment saying how we met and which of my countries you are from, so the other readers can get to know you too! Anyone can ask questions too, if by some chance this TMI post didn’t already answer it, haha.

Note: If no one comments, I’ll know ghosts are real and my site tracker is actually a ghosthunter! In other words, I know somebody or something is out there reading this and this will be way more fun if you also participate and it’s not always me just blabbing away! 😀

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Looking forward to hearing from you! First commenter gets a hypothetical gold star 😀

*photo by my husband on a beach in Portugal

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