The Painted Nail Nail Lacquer Has Launched

When Katie Cazorla, star of the TV Guide Network show, The Nail Files, shared that she was launching her very own polish line independent of a larger brand backing her, I knew we were in for something good and glittery! She shared swatches and sample bottles of her new products with bloggers at a dinner during Cosmoprof (held July 22-24, in Las Vegas), and we all oooohed and aaaaaahed.

You might remember that Katie previously worked with Nubar for a line of polishes that she created. Nubar seemed like a great starting point for her to launch her first polish line, especially since Katie uses Nubar in her salon and in the polish world, Nubar has a great rep for creativity and formula. From what I’ve seen already of her sophmore line, she’s going to do awesome on her own!

Here again are some of the swatches that she shared with bloggers and I shared with you in July. Top row are her neons, bottom her reds:

And these are the pretties that I couldn’t WAIT for:

This row of five is my favorite; from left to right is Marie Claire, Coco, Barbara, Amy and Marilyn. I bought Coco and Barbara and when I got my package found Marilyn and a Nail Primer thrown in as gifts by Katie and/or the staff. I was grateful – I was feeling regret that I did not put Marilyn in my cart!! I love Amy and Marie Claire, as well, but I will pick them up at a later date (aka, when my polish budget re-ups LOL).

How about some swatches?!


Barbara is a grey with pink and green duochrome. This is much stronger in real life than it is in my pictures; this is a gorgeous, light polish. What happens when you put Marilyn over it?

Oh wow. Adding Marilyn to Barbara means iridescent bar glitter and regular glitter over grey, pink and green duochrome. It’s a color party on my nails.

The only thing that was better than this for me?


I used one coat of Coco over two different polishes. On my left hand, I used a coat over Anise Sensual Side, a purple creme. On my right hand, I used it over Nabi Cosmopolitan, a dark blue with silver shimmer.

Coco over the Anise:

Coco has bronze, pink, green, purple duochrome shimmer. It’s more like a multi-chrome. It’s stunning!

Here it is over Cosmopolitan:

Oh. My. Wow.

I decided to keep this as my mani, but I added Marilyn as an accent finger. Before I took the mani off, I decided to try a full hand of Marilyn over Coco (over Anise):

So beautiful!

Overall, I love the line so far. The bottles are a unique shape; they remind me a bit of Konad Special Polish bottles, but I can’t think of another polish I have with a similar bottle shape.

The handle, which looks like brushed metal, is relatively short with a short, medium-thin brush. Good for control:

Formula on Coco and Barbara was good, too. Barbara was opaque in two coats.

I haven’t used the Nail Primer more than once, and it did a great job but I feel like I can’t really give an endorsement or review on a treatment/base coat after one use!

The naming system theme, similar to Zoya in that the polishes have female names, seems to be great women who mean something to Kaite. Marilyn (Monroe?), Eleanor (Roosevelt?), Amy (Katie’s bestie?).

These are all available through The Painted Nail Online Shop, retailing for $10.88 a polish. I am also very, very impressed with the price of this polish line. The Nubar collaboration line was a couple bucks more and I’m happy to see Katie offering her polish for a reasonable price.

I have been DVR’ing this season of The Nail Files and watching it during the work week, and I love the hijinks and fashion/beauty that the show includes. I can’t wait to see if Katie’s product launch is included this season, and what she’ll say about it.

What do you think of Coco, Barbara and Marilyn? Do you think you’ll be ordering from The Painted Nail?

Disclaimer: Marilyn and the Nail Primer were sent to me with my order by PR Firms/Manufacturers/e-tailers. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!