The Last Week: A Little Personal, A Little Beauty

The last week, I’ve had the longest absence on BeautyJudy since I had surgery more than a year ago.

A lot has happened in my personal life that has just made it tough to want to blog, or even wear makeup.\

First, I want to say a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all my mommy followers/readers out there. You truly have one of the toughest and most rewarding jobs, and I hope you had a wonderful day. Quick breakdown of the photos in the photo:

  • The photo above is a collage of me and my momma, and the photo on the left in the collage is my mom before she left for her prom, sometime in the 1970s.
  • Top right, at my Master’s degree graduation ceremony, 2007.
  • Middle right, a photo during a visit from distant family, when I was in high school, maybe sophormore or junior year? I don’t think it’s senior year. So circa 1993 or 1994. You can’t see it, but I’m wearing a Hypercolor T-shirt.
  • Bottom right, my mom and I after I finished the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, 2006.

Second, Sunday was also my birthday. I’m 36 now, holy cow. Mike tried to make the weekend special, despite my aunt’s passing. Even though I’m on Medifast, I decided to splurge this weekend and so he bought me a red velvet cupcake from my favorite bakery, called Sweet Eats, in Voorhees, NJ. Their red velvet is AH-mazing:

Do you see the candles? Take a closer look:

My love knows me SO WELL. Everyone got a kick out of these. Also, my best friend from high school came to my birthday outing Saturday night bearing this gift:

Ha! Love it.

These were moments of happiness and smiles in a weekend full of sadness.

Last week, on Wednesday, I took a couple hours off work and went up to NYC explicitly to check out the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale. I was in NYC maybe an hour and a half, long enough to purchase a couple bags, and walk to and from the train station. I was very lucky that when I went, there were no lines to get in, and I had my pick of cashier. My only regret is that I’m not made of money and I couldn’t buy one of every MAC Mini, Mini Five-Zip, MAC Clutch, MAB, Cupid, Desire and pretty much EVERYTHING that I saw. Here’s what I went home with:

There’s a black Mini Five-Zip, turquoise MAC Clutch and a beautiful light blue nylon Travel Tote. I love those tote bags, especially when I am going to events in NYC – they fit my camera, my notepad, AND a spare pair of flats. Along with all my other purse crap! And seriously? The prices were amazing at this sale.

Anyway. I was riding home on the train, flying high from the shopping trip, and how fun and random it was to go to NYC just for this, when I realized my dad was trying to call me. I stepped off the train at my stop and immediately called him back. I had a feeling he wasn’t calling me for good news. When he says “call me as soon as you get this, I need to talk to you” I know it’s serious.

When I called him back, he told me my uncle and cousins were going to take my Aunt Judy off life support systems on Friday, and that on Thursday the family was invited to come say their goodbyes.

I got in my car and started hyperventilating. I was shocked and sad. Knowing I had almost an hour car ride home I called my mom to tell her the news so I’d calm down and be OK. She chatted with me long enough for me to get myself on the road home to Mike and his hugs.

My Aunt is – was – just the most WONDERFUL person ever. Sweet. Kind. Nice. Gave people the benefit of the doubt. Had an innocence about her. My dad named me after her, he said, because he wanted her to be an influence in my life – she’s just that amazing, something I can say without bias because it’s what everyone else says that knows her. I am SO PROUD to share her name.

She was in the trauma surgery ICU for four months. Every day an up and down. And it was an unexpected, uncalled for illness. My heart BREAKS for my three cousins and my uncle, who have lost their mother and wife in an untimely way. Even though death was a possibility while she was at the hospital, it didn’t hurt any less to hear the news.

My Aunt Judy and Uncle Ron cutting the rug at my cousin Megan’s wedding in 2002, I believe it was!

The viewing is tomorrow, and the funeral is Thursday. I find myself overcome with emotion and sadness at the most random times. I’m dreading having to say goodbye. I find my thoughts full of memories, thinking back to the year she sent me a birthday card that made me laugh, or the time we conned her into trying a Jell-O shot while on family vacation in Florida a couple years ago, or the feel of her soft skin when I’d kiss her hello or goodbye.

I think about the conversation I had with her at Christmas time, when I told her I really wanted to wear some of my mom mom’s brooches in my wedding brooch bouquet. We talked about me going over and going through the pins with her. It makes me sad that I won’t get to do that with her, that I just took for granted that she would be there when I was ready. It makes me sad that she won’t be there on my wedding day, I won’t get to share that excitement with her.

Phew. Anyway. I was already blogging on a day or so by day or so basis before this happened, and right now, this is pretty much where my makeup is at:

I am wearing my Maybelline BB Cream and in the photo above, Covergirl Lip Slicks Smoochies in Sweet Tweet, a very natural pink lip. Yesterday, I started adding in Elf Facial Whip in Lilac Petal to my cheeks and I might try a little color on my lips today to make ME feel a little better. But honestly, I’m having trouble WANTING to put on makeup and enjoy it or blog about it. I have been doing my nails, because that feels catharctic (oh, I probably butchered that word LOL). I’m going to do a manicure with snowmen nail art for her services. She loved Christmas and snowmen.

Anyway. Thanks for sticking around and understanding. I do look forward to sharing reviews with you soon, I have so many amazing things to share with you. But for now, I’m just going to take it day by day, and enjoy these flowers my office “family” sent me while mourning the loss of someone so dear to my family.


Thank you again everyone. I will be back soon. I love my blog family!