The Gift Of Relaxation for Mother’s Day #MDayYourWay!

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Whether you’re a mother who works outside of the home or a stay-at-home Mom, your biggest job is being a Mother.  To say that it’s a big job is an understatement.  It’s a lifelong commitment that comes with a cornucopia of emotions.  When those emotions and hard work take a toll, relaxation is at the top of the to-do list, sometimes getting knocked down by other priorities.  Creativity is the key!

Muscles can become tense and joints can become sore, from the physical labors.  Migraines and headaches can occur simply from stress.  A quick way to unwind is like a dream!



The Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Neck Pillow offers a quick and even portable way to unwind.  I was first introduced to this very neck pillow about 10 years ago.  My mother received a gift certificate to Spa Sydell and instead of purchasing services that would only last for moments, she opted to invest in this glorious neck pillow.  I couldn’t understand why she did not just get a massage session.

During that time, I lived with her so I was able to use it whenever I pleased, or whenever she wasn’t using it rather! In 2006, I moved out and shortly thereafter, my parents moved from Georgia to Arizona.  The pillow was no longer within reach.

Surprisingly, while I had thought about the pillow over and over, I had never thought to look right under my nose at Amazon .  I figured it was a specialty product, only available at Spa Sydell.  When I had this epiphany in December 2012, I called my mother and asked her to read the brand name from the pillow to me.  Yes, she still has it, she still uses it and still microwaves it! She read the name Earth Therapeutics to me and I nearly melted when I found it on Amazon for less than $25!! I could not believe I had lived without it this long!

I purchased the pillow and use it regularly.  The pillow weighs about 2 lbs. and is microwavable.  In under 2 minutes, you’ll feel like a Princess.  It contains a blend of chamomile, lavender and citrus that offers a mild, calming scent upon microwaving.  Lay it on your neck and shoulders for instant relaxation.  It’s so versatile, you can even wear it while moving around to sooth your neck and shoulder muscles. There have even been occasions where I’ve laid it on my belly to relieve cramps or on my knee to relieve joint pain.

.If you’re looking for a gift that will last on a budget, I highly recommend the Earth Therapeutics  Anti-Stress Neck Pillow.  It will make a great Mother’s Day gift or any day gift for a mother!

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