The Generation Ruined by Social Media

We are the generation controlled by social media.

We are the generation who is held prisoner to our devices. We cannot go to bed without our phones under our pillows. We cannot make it through a homework assignment without being distracted by Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. We cannot make it through a movie without checking our phone. We cannot make it through a family dinner without our phones going off. We risk our lives for a text message while driving.

At first, it was fun.

It was fun to check text messages on that first Razor flip phone; it was fun getting our Myspace account; it was fun IMing on MSN Messenger. Little did we know, this was only the beginning of the era that would consume our lives. We wish we could go a day without it. It gets tiresome walking down the sidewalk with our eyes constantly glued to our phone. Sometimes, we run into things or people while we stare at our devices. We wish we could just turn it off the day and not worry about it.

But we are the generation who knows that that isn’t an option. Because everyone expects us to have our phones on us. Everyone expects us to text back instantly. Everyone expects us to know what’s going on via Facebook. As much as we would like to free ourselves from its wearisome grasp, we simply know that this is not a choice in our generation.

We are the generation that lacks basic social skills.

We fear calling people on the phone because we are stronger behind our written words than our vocal cords. We no longer ask people out on dates. We first stalk their profile on Tinder, message them, and then maybe meet up. That is, if their profile picture is cute. We are superficial, judgmental, and scared of face-to-face communication. We would probably rather text all night than actually meet up in person. And if we do meet up in person, we will texting someone else the same time. We are the generation who runs into classmates that we haven’t seen in 10 years at the grocery store and don’t know what to say to each other because we actually know where they live, what their job is, what their babies’ names are, and how many dogs they have due to Facebook.

We are the generation with fading morals.

We are incredibly narcissistic. We take selfies and base our self-worth on how many likes and comments we get. We spend more time taking pictures for the sole purpose of uploading them on social media than taking the time to enjoy ourselves at the social event. We create multiple social media accounts so we can avoid our family members on Facebook. We choose Facebook as a “sacrifice” to give up for Lent every year. We cyber bully and destroy others with our words because it is easier to do so behind a screen than in person.

We are the generation ruined by social media.

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