The Beauty Loser Weekly Update April 11, 2022

(Before, on the left – summer 2011, after on the right, a week and a half to two weeks ago)

It’s been awhile since I posted an update in The Beauty Loser series so I figured I’d check in!

I can tell you that  things have been going amazingly well!

I’m still on Medifast. I think I’m getting towards the end of my weight loss journey, definitely by June I should be where I want to be. But I am nowhere near done. After I finish losing weight, I start transitioning back onto all regular food (right now I eat five Medifast meals a day with one Lean and Green meal).

I figure I have about 23 to 28 lbs. left to lose, depending if I want to get to 135 or 140 lbs! 135 lbs is the recommended weight for me according to Medifast.

But my weight loss, as you can see in the before and after pics above, has transformed me.

I went from 220.2 lbs. in October 2011 to 163.2 lbs. as of my last weigh-in, Friday April 5. I weigh in again tomorrow morning! I’ve lost 38.5 lbs of this weight on Medifast since December 13, 2012.

I feel amazing, and I feel like I look amazing. I’ve gone from a near 20 to a size 12, possibly heading into a 10 soon. I try not to buy clothes, only things here and there for special occasions or when I find a clearance skirt or pants for $5! I know I am not at my final goal yet, but beyond a size 12, I won’t have clothes that fit me anymore and I will have to buy things. I will be entering the smallest weight and size I can ever remember being since I was in junior high.

Wow. That makes me feel so blessed, at what I’m accomplishing!

I know it sounds vain, but I love looking at photos of myself now. I  try not to be proud, but I am proud, proud of my accomplishment. It’s not easy to eat to a strict diet, but this has really given me what I needed; I have responded so well! And I’m happy! I don’t feel deprived.

There are some times when I’m hungry and all I want is McDonald’s or something that’s convenient. But I make the right choices, even when faced with tough situations. It’s a lesson I’m taking with me into weight maintenance.

I don’t even blink when there’s office donuts. Ok, maybe I stop to smell them. But for me it’s more a joke than a real longing. I’m really happy without the donut.

I had one piece of dark chocolate a few weeks ago, and it tasted so sweet to me. That’s how used to not eating sugar I am!

I enjoy my weekly weigh-ins and visits with the center staff. They are so friendly, they are supportive, and I couldn’t be happier with the customer service.

Oh! And in addition to the weight, I’ve lost a lot of inches off my body. The first column is from my initial weigh-in the day I started the program on December 13:

My calves have actually not fluctuated too much, which can be attributed to the muscle I’ve slightly built with walking. I’m not doing much exercise – yet.

So there you go. It’s been a hell of a great journey. Mike has been so supportive, cooking in a way that helps me stay on track, and even eating this way with me. My family and friends are supportive, as well.

Some people like to get all judgmental and say things like “you shouldn’t have to do anything crazy to lose weight, all it takes is eating right” and “I would do what you’re doing but I like to eat.” Well, I got news for you. I DO eat. I eat filet mignon. I eat a brownie with fat free Cool Whip every night when I’m home. I eat every two to three hours.

And as far as doing “something crazy,” it’s not crazy to take a step like this when you aren’t in control of how you eat any longer and you’re not sure how to get yourself right. Yes, it’s perfectly great to better how you eat and get in control, and some people start exercising and it all falls into place. But I didn’t do something “crazy” I did the best thing for me. I enjoyed (still do!) food, and I needed to learn that food is fuel for my body, and that it should taste good, but I can enjoy life and food without eating things that are only hurting me.

I intend to splurge when I’m off the diet, and hell, I might even have a piece of cake for my birthday. But that doesn’t mean I’m going backwards. My intention is to keep this weight off, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle!

Phew. Ok. Went off there for a bit, I’m off my soap box.

Are you losing weight or trying? What motivates you? What have you found works?! I’d love to hear your story!