The Beauty Loser: Operation Healthy, Slender Bride!

Two days before Mike popped the question, I sat at the only Medifast Weight Control Center in New Jersey, debating whether or not to take the plunge. I was freaking out about the expenditure, but emotionally ready to take action.

I have seen what positive changes and results can happen on the program; my best friend lost 45 lbs, and has kept it off since summer. I have never seen her so skinny. Or happy. But damn! Whereas my experience with Weight Watchers was to buy groceries and pay $14 each week for meetings, I had to pay half of my center’s fees up front and pay them for a week’s supply of food every week when I weigh in. The food expense wasn’t my concern – the weekly food I buy on Medifast is the same dollar amount I already spent every week on fresh veggies, fruits and groceries.

I made a quick call to Mike, telling him my concerns, and he was nothing but supportive. He did some quick math. I’ll be on the program/on maintenance for a total of 82 weeks – and the center cost is less than Weight Watchers for that same time frame. That is, if I was paying for WW for 82 weeks and not on maintainence at some point. Anyway.

I decided I was worth it. I wanted to take a shot on this and see how it goes. I feel like since I started trying to lose weight in October 2011, I have tried everything. Weight Watchers, Sensa, South Beach Diet. Nothing has clicked after my initial success on WW.

But I could never be more motivated than I am today. Today marks three weeks for me on the program, and now my desire to be healthy is couple with my desire to be a slender bride! If I can get rid of my sleep apnea, lower my cholesterol AND look great in a strapless wedding gown…I win!

I eat five Medifast meals a day, and one “Lean & Green” meal that consists of lean protein and select green vegetables. Once I’ve lost the weight I want to, the center will guide me into what choices to make when transitioning back into all real food; I’ll maintain for a year with them once I’m transitioned.

I am only hungry when I go extra time in between meals. I have energy in the afternoons now. I supplement my meals with B12, digestive health vitamins and heart-healthy fish oil with Omega-3.

I’m losing weight fast, with only one hiccup of weighing in at different times last week and this week (first thing in the AM last week, 5:40 p.m. yesterday…also got my period this week…sorry, to the men that read!)

The Stats

Weight at start of the program: 201.7 lbs.

Weight at end of my third week: 191.4 lbs.

That’s a total of 10.3 lbs lost. When I started my weight loss journey – I began Weight Watchers in October 2011 – I weighed 220.2 lbs. This means I’ve lost 28.8 lbs since then. This is the least I’ve weighed in at least four years. And I am happy.

I’m not sure how often I will update The Beauty Loser this time around. As long as I’m sticking to my meals and Lean & Green, I don’t have any real challenges. The program is pretty easy right now. I may check in when I’ve made milestone weight losses, and I will definitely check in with photos. For now, I wanted to share two purchases I made over the weekend. Knowing that it won’t be long until I’m the next size down, and that Kohl’s was having a killer clearance sale, I picked up two of my favorite clothing pieces in the next size down:

On the left is the size I’m in – XL. The right is the L. Skirt is Rock n’ Republic and the dress is Narciso Rodriguez. Skirt was $7 and some change and the dress was $14.40. I can’t wait to retire the larger sizes!

Are any of you starting of the New Year with the desire to lose weight? Get in shape? I’d love to hear what you’re doing!