TGIF: Wedding Weekend Edition

wedding gown

After months of planning, partying and prepping, tomorrow is my girlfriends’ wedding day. She and I first met on April Fool’s Day in 1997; I remember, because it was the same day I had to get braces and I was sure I’d be the punch line of all the boys’ jokes. Instead, I returned at recess and discovered a new girl had come to the school and joined my class. Her name was the same as a popular weight loss program, which is probably the sole reason she will be taking her husband’s last name. We were both tomboys and quickly bonded over our love for basketball, baggy t-shirts and tearaway pants. As true tomboys, we didn’t talk much about actual boys, other than when we gushed over celebrity basketball and soccer players. All we cared about was winning provincials, eating chips and drinking pop – you know, serious business.

As we transitioned from elementary school to high school, we grew up and some of our interests changed. We both made new friends, spent less and less time together, and for a few years we barely hung out at all. But shortly after high school, she helped me get a job at her work and we spent the next two years attached at the hip. She met and started dating her husband a little over 10 years ago now, so I’ve watched their relationship grow from the beginning. And I can honestly say I have never been so excited the day before a friends’ wedding. I’m anxious because I know she’s anxious. I’m happy because I know he’s happy. And I just can’t wait to hear them say their I do’s, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief and dance the night away.

Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll be trading in our ponytails for up-dos, our baggy tees and tearaways for dresses, and our runners for shoes that sparkle. But our comments and jokes throughout the day will be as silly as always, and we’ll both be looking forward to one thing: the food! (We’re obsessed.) After analyzing the menus and choosing the desserts, my only job will be to make sure she actually eats some of it. <3

The low of my week was trying on my bridesmaid dress and finding two pins still in it – a sign the alterations shop had forgotten to finish something. Sure enough, I took them out and the dress was falling off again. Fortunately, they were able to fix it up the night before I had to leave for Victoria… but I was stressed all week, until that last fitting.

The high of my week was realizing how lucky I am to have a mom who is willing to drive all over Victoria, to find the sandals I wanted to wear with my dress in the right colour and size. Thank you, Mom!

A blog post I loved was Do You Believe in Signs? over at NZ Muse. My answer: yes – but you need to follow those signs, in order for them to lead you somewhere.

The best money I spent was $45 on my sandals. (Although the coffees I buy us early tomorrow morning will probably be a close second.)

My plans this weekend include setting up for the reception today and going to the rehearsal tonight, being in the wedding tomorrow, then seeing a couple friends and catching the ferry back home on Sunday.

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?