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Technology is changing and allowing educational opportunities like never before. The world is literally at our fingertips! If you are able, a great way to learn through this technology is through the use of apps on a tablet.

Below I have collected some of my favorite FREE science apps for the iPad. Some of them may also be available for Android based tablets. None of these apps require purchase for use. The final app does offer more to play with for a purchase, but it is worthwhile in the free mode as well.

Many, many more apps are available; you just have to take the time to search them out.

1.  WWF Together app (FREE)

This is a beautiful app that explores the life and habitat of several different animals in an interactive format. While it’s clear this is a plea for donations, it is still an app worth downloading.

2.  Hopscotch Coding (FREE)

This is a fun, colorful app that introduces children to coding. As a bonus, teachers can sign up for an email newsletter about teaching with Hopscotch. And they have a blog!

3.  Shout! Science (FREE)

This pretty little app offers up three scientist biographies in an interactive format. Learn about Anton Van Leeuwenhoek & Microbes, Maria Sibylla Merian & the Lives of Insects, and James Hutton & the Theory of the Earth!

Biointeractive has several apps that are great for high school science:

4.  Bacterical ID Virtual Lab (FREE)

Learn how scientists obtain DNA sequences from bacteria to identify them. Also find a very interesting virtual lab with a lot of information.

5.  Click and Learn (FREE)

This app is a hidden gem with over 40 presentations on Geology and Biology. The presentations are well done, interactive, and include teaching notes.

6.  Earth Viewer (FREE)

This app is an interactive globe that allows students to explore geographic time periods and the changes of the earth.

7.  American Museum of Natural History Apps (FREE)

AMNH offers several beautiful apps for topics ranging from Space to Dinosaurs!

8.  NASA apps (FREE)

NASA offers a full page of various apps covering aeronautical and space topics.

9.  ROBOTS app (FREE)

This is a very cool app that allows to you explore videos, and interact with and view photos of over 151 robots.  You can also learn how to get started in robotics.

10.  Nuclear (FREE)

This app allows you to manipulate atoms to form elements.  The first 54 elements are free.

BONUS! Elements 4D (FREE)

Part educational story and part game, the Elements 4D app offers a new, fun way to experience augmented reality and learn about real-life chemistry.

AprylaprylBorn and raised in Tennessee, Apryl is a southern girl at heart.  She lives out in the country with her husband and her three daughters. After having an unfulfilling public school education herself, and struggling to find peace with the education her girls were receiving in the public school system, she made the choice to homeschool.  When they began their homeschool journey, the girls were in the third and sixth grades.  Now she is happily coaching three teenaged daughters through their high school years.

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