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I was lucky enough to be invited to the first bloggers event at Lush in Carlisle to learn about Summer Skincare.  Needless to say, I was rather nervous!  I had expected Britmums to be my first ‘event’ with other bloggers, but after a few minutes of being there I knew I had nothing to worry about.  Everyone was lovely and the Lush team (Lauren, Chelsey, Jodie and Laura) were so friendly – they really couldn’t do enough for us.

There were fancy juices made with spinach, kale and whatnot alongside some teeny cupcakes which were topped with blueberries – really yummy!  I wasn’t really sure what to expect at first but Lauren did a fabulous job of organising everyone on the night.

First, a little bit of luxury.  As a working mum, it is a huge treat to lay in a bath undisturbed.  It doesn’t happen often at all!  There’s nothing better than chilling out with the scents of a Lush Bath Bomb.  Lauren showed us how to make the ultimate Mermaid bath where the water turns turquoise with a gold shimmer running throughout – and it smelled divine!  To do this, you can mix a Big Blue bath bomb with a Sunny Side bubble bar and there’s an hour of luxury for you with little effort.

I was surprised to learn that we would then be making our own Big Blue bath bombs! The Big Blue contains arame seaweed which helps to soften the hot bath water and is rich in vitamins and minerals which help to regulate the metabolism.  The sea salt sprinkled on the top of the bomb softens the skin and helps to remove those dead skin cells to brighten your skin – perfect for summer.  I really enjoyed making my own Big Blue bath bomb and can’t wait to try it after my holidays!

Lush Summer Skincare

Chelsey demonstrated a selection of products that can be used as part of a daily facial skincare routine.  The facial cleanser Ultrabland is easily applied, makes a great make-up remover and can be used by all skin types – a brilliant all-rounder.  The honey helps to repair skin and rosewater helps to soften the skin.  This is removed with a toner water to make sure that the pores are closed after use – available in Tea Tree, Eau Roma and Breath of Fresh Air.  Top these off with the Million Dollar Moisturiser, a shimmering face primer with SPF 30.

Jodie took us through the selection of Massage bars; Black Stockings is great for bronzing, Shimmy Shimmy for a body shimmer, Therapy for use during pregnancy to prevent stretchmarks and Each Peach to energise.  The Each Peach fragrance reminds me of orange flavoured Starburst!  Powdered Sunshine is an SPF 15 sunscreen that is applied like talc and reduces the oiliness of the skin after massage or moisturising.  I also noticed a Sesame Sun Lotion within the display and asked to try that – an SPF 10 sun screen that smells exactly like peanut butter.  I was in heaven.

Laura took us through a handful of products to improve complexion, particularly exfoliants and moisturisers.  The Ocean Salt face and body scrub is great for exfoliating and leaves the skin really soft and brightened.  Lemony Flutter is a cuticle butter with a beautiful citrus fragrance but can also be used to moisturise the body.  Mix these products together to exfoliate and moisturise in unison if you’re short on time!  We were also shown the Stepping Stone foot scrub and Sugar Scrub – perfect for getting rid of any dry patches of skin for those sandals and summer dresses!

I was made to feel very welcome by the lovely staff at Lush Carlisle – Lush are definitely renowned for the excellent customer service.  Now I can’t wait to get stuck into my products! What is your skincare routine?  Do you use Lush products regularly?

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