Suits, Little Shop of Horrors and Get Well Soon #LittleLoves

It’s half-term this week and I’ve loved having O at home with me.  Unfortunately, I’ve had a few health issues which have prevented us from having as much fun outside the house as I would have liked, but we’ve still had some fun all the same.  O has definitely had his batteries re-charged, which was needed after a long run of school.  It’s been really good for us to spend some time together one-on-one before the baby arrives in the next 4 weeks too.

We had a really good start to this week with Donna from What the Redhead Said arriving on Saturday with her family to stay for a couple of nights – and we loved having them!  It’s such a shame that we live so far apart, as she is definitely one of my closest friends.


I’ve not read an awful lot other than blogs this week!  Not even a magazine or newspaper…    So here’s a couple of my favourite posts from this week.  Alex, from Lamb & Bear, has written about her plans for her little boy’s 3rd birthday and her intention to create a Marvel Avenger’s theme.  I absolutely love all things Superhero and I intend to pinch Alex’s idea for O’s 5th birthday this August!

I also read a great blog by Zoe, from I Believe in Romeo, discussing reasons why friends are so important when you’re suffering with mental illness.  Her post, titled “Even Superheroes Need Sidekicks”, has definitely reminded me to open up to my closest friends more when I’m finding myself walking through a fog.

(Did you notice the superhero theme? :))


I’ve been catching up on Suits Series 5 this week and we’re about half-way through those that have aired on Dave so far.  I started watching Suits on Netflix about a year ago, and Hubs wasn’t keen on the concept.  Then he sat and watched half an hour of an episode and made me start it all again so that he could watch it too!  It’s really good – and if you haven’t seen it, I recommend it!


Whilst I was doing the housework in preparation for Donna’s visit, I enjoyed listening to the Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack.  It’s such a cheesy musical, but it’s up there with some of my favourite musical scores.  I love this song, as it pretty much sums up how I felt about 6 years ago – before I met my husband.  Now I have that little house, kids and white picket fence, and I’m happy.  But I don’t intend to allow a huge alien plant eat me any time soon.


Yesterday, my hubs (A) went into hospital for a minor operation; he’s back home now and recovering well.  Whilst he was in surgery, O and I coloured a picture of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and made him a Get Well Soon card.  O used to hate colouring in, but since starting school in September he has learned to colour between the lines extremely well and now enjoys it rather than becoming frustrated with himself.

I’ve also made a huge batch of Chicken Saag and a Cottage Pie for the freezer this week.  Purely for that time after the baby arrives when we can’t be bothered cooking, but need to eat something nutritious.  I plan to do more of the same next week, possibly making some bolognese sauce.  I’d appreciate any other ideas for meals that would be good to make in these circumstances!


Bonprix review

I recently reviewed the Bonprix maternity range, and absolutely love this dotty dress.  It’s perfect for everyday wear or smart-casual occasions.  It even has concealed openings to make breastfeeding that little bit easier.

And Lastly…

Sunday was Valentine’s Day, which we spent with Donna, Dave and their children visiting the local museum, out for lunch, off to soft play and home for a yummy roast dinner and board games.  We discovered that our husbands are so alike, it really is quite scary!  And I was spoiled rotten by A with a huge heart-shaped box of chocolates which O keeps pinching from.  It’s been a lovely week all round, even though we’ve had a few downs with our health, but we’ve definitely made the most of what we could.

I’m joining up to Little Loves with Morgana at Coffee Sleep Repeat!