Stars, Studs and Stripes: Nail Art with Sation’s Miss-terranean Collection

Disclaimer: Press samples. See bottom for more.

I don’t know what got into me last week, but it was Sunday night and I was in the mood for some nail art with fall polishes.

I’ve had a bit of a dry spell with nail art; I’ve been doing it here and there but nothing like what I was for a while. I find that with the wedding coming (we’re in the home stretch – two months!) I’ve been focused on little wedding details after work, like ordering photos for centerpieces, buying wedding-related things like bubbles for after the church ceremony, and crafting the bridesmaid’s bouquets. The weekends have been insane; we’ve had a very social and party-oriented summer of weekends!

Anyway! I decided to take the six-piece Sation Miss-terranean collection and create a look with all six, to give myself a little challenge

Check it out:

I decided to stick with a simple stripe down the middle of each nail, using coordinated colors from the collection, and embellishing each nail with a different stud. I mixed six shades…so I decided to mix stud colors between silver and gold, too!

This was easy to do. I simply did:

  • Two coats of Need a Spumani on my thumb, with a two-coat stripe of Napolean Dyna-Matte down the middle. I used a heart-shaped gold stud for accent.
  • Two coats of Tira Miss-U on my index and pinky fingers, with a two-coat stripe of Happy Wine-y People and silver stars
  • Two coats of Hottie Biscottie for the middle and ring fingers, with a two-coat stripe of Don Wannabe down the middle and diamond-shaped gold studs.

I sealed it all off with Seche Vite.

Coincidentally, this is the nail art I wore last week when I had just washed all the dishes in the sink (we don’t have a mechanical dishwasher, unless I could remotely be considered mechanical, haha), and I went to make a Medifast brownie. I grabbed a measuring spoon out of the drying rack, sending a ceramic bowl tumbling out. As I went to catch it, it hit the edge of the counter, and a broken piece sliced across my pinky from the middle of the finger to the nail bed.

The cut was unlike any I’d ever experienced, and my finger felt numb. So off to the ER we went…$150 later, I had my wound X-ray’d for any pieces that might have been stuck inside, had my wound irrigated, and had opted for Steri-Strips over stitches because I’m a big wus and the idea of having a numbing needle come at my tiny finger scared the shit out of me! Also, my cut may have scared me, but in the grand scheme of the ER, it was peanuts. So I had a PA student helping me. Who looked and talked like he was just out of high school. When did I get old?! LOL

So back to the nail polish!

The Sation nail polish held up great for two or three days, but the studs did not. I had lost a couple by the time I got to the hospital the first day I wore this mani, so I picked the rest of them off by day two. But sometimes, there’s a point where you just don’t care what your mani looks like because you’re exhausted, your finger is throbbing and the idea of even using nail polish remover and having it come anywhere near that open wound is enough to scare you to keep your mani on!

Have you ever sat down with a nail polish collection and challenged yourself to create a look with all of them? I’d love to hear what collection you did this with! And what do you think of my stars, stripes and studs?! These Sation polishes were fun to work with!

Disclaimer: The Sation fall collection was provided to me for review by the PR/Manufacturer and reviewed in a prior post (here). Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!