Smartballs Teneo Duo ~ Review and Discount Code

*This post contains tasteful adult content as do the links within. If you think you will be offended, please quietly move on.*

I had my first baby when I was only 17, and will admit – I was more than a little worried about the effects it would have on my body. While I never did get the body back, I do still have the muscle control and sensation that I had before baby. My insecurities were quite unnecessary, but the importance of your pelvic muscles goes beyond the bedroom.

I strongly believe that kegal exercises should be a part of every woman’s daily routine. If you are pregnant, or if you have children your doctor may have already recommended them to you. They are essential for strengthening the pubococcygeus muscles of the pelvic floor which can benefit you in many ways, from childbirth to urinary incontinence and yes; even more feeling during sex. Pregnancy, Childbirth, and aging will weaken these muscles overtime, but tools such as the Smartballs can aid in restoring or improving them.

Smartballs are manufactured by Fun Factory and they are made of ABS plastic and coated with medical grade silicone. I received them for review from Fascinations and after using them for a few weeks, am quite happy with the results!

The Teneo Duo are 4 inches long, not including the 3.5 inch cord and each ball is about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Since we are all built differently, be sure to take note of these measurements to make sure they are the right size for you; especially if you have not yet had any children. If you think they are too big, you might want to consider trying a smaller set first.

I personally found them quite comfortable to use, just the right size for them to be noticeable but not bothersome. Silicone is a very body safe material that is non-porous, hyper-allergenic,phthalate and latex free and can be left in place for hours without causing any damage…I actually did fall asleep with them one night by accident!

They have a small notch at the base of the string, that you can use to help push them into place. I found the best way for me to get them into the correct position was to use kegals while pushing on them at the same time. If you need to use a lubrication to assist in inserting them, make sure to use one that is water based, as one that is silicone based can damage them. Using too much lubricant may also make them slip out, so I would recommend using it sparingly and only if needed.

They each have a smaller ball that rolls around inside, adding extra sensation which can also help remind you to flex those muscles. I wasn’t able to feel it constantly, but once in a while as I was walking around I would notice. Maybe I was just to distracted to notice it constantly? It is a very subtle feeling.

I wouldn’t suggest wearing these when you have a cold or are coughing a lot, because the pressure can force them out a bit which makes them uncomfortable and can even cause pinching that can be pretty painful…especially if you are not able to adjust them back into place right away! They do need to be fully inserted to be comfortable.

They have a silicone cord, making them easy to remove. You can also pull on the cord while gripping onto them to cause resistance and help work your pelvic muscles even more. To clean them, just run them under warm water with any soap or sex toy cleaner. They can also be sterilized with a 10% bleach solution, boiled for 3 minutes, or placed on the top rack of your dishwasher with no soap. Since silicone loves lint, you may have to rinse them off before use unless you store them in a satin bag or other lint free area.

Want some?

You can get your own set of Smart Balls Teneo Duo from Fascinations and if you use the code GOFUN10 you will get 10% off your entire purchase! Orders $49 or more get free shipping! They do not currently ship outside of North America.

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