Small Change Personal Finance Expo

This weekend, Cupcakes & Cash and I are checking out the Small Change Personal Finance Expo in downtown Victoria, BC. The idea behind the expo is for exhibitors to show people how making small changes, including saving small change, can help them achieve their financial goals.

Now, I have no idea what to expect from this event. I’ve been to various health, fitness and outdoor expos in the past, and each was simply a room full of businesses trying to sell products. Is that a bad thing? I guess not, if you’re interested in the products. But what exactly can a personal finance expo sell?

Accounts. Bank accounts and investment vehicles, to be exact. Financial planning could be another ticket item. This is simply a hunch, based on the exhibitor list, but I do believe we will be listening to various pitches, as we move around the room.

On top of that, however, there are going to be a number of presentations and workshops. I’ve worked my way through the list and highlighted the ones I think I’d like to see, with a keynote from a few of the Smart Cookies gals at the top of my list.

Friday March 9th
12:00 PM Things You Need To Know Before Getting Your First Place
1:00 PM Your Consumer Rights: Being a Smart Shopper
2:00 PM Become Money-Savvy Through Financial Basics
2:30 PM Are You Exposed To The Cost Of An Illness?
2:45 PM Investright – How To Avoid Investment Scams
3:00 PM Credit History and Credit Bureau and Loans You Don’t Want
3:45 PM What Causes Estate Litigation (and How To Prevent It)
4:00 PM Helping Newcomers To Success In Canada
4:00 PM Want To Be Your Own Boss? Learn How To Finance You and Your Small Business
4:45 PM Save Money and Conserve Energy With Free BC Hydro Powersmart Programs
5:00 PM Demystifying Investments (RRSP, RDSP, TFSA, RESP, RRIF, LIRA…)
5:30 PM How To Increase Your Standard Of Living And Quality Of Life Through Education
6:00 PM Sugar. Spice. Killer Advice Savvy Secrets From The Smart Cookies
6:00 PM Debt Free Graduate: How To Survive College Or University Without Going Broke
6:30 PM Preparing A Budget That Makes You Money
7:00 PM Are You Exposed To The Cost Of An Illness?

Saturday March 10th
10:45 PM How Taking the Bus Saves Big Change
11:00 AM 8 Things To Consider Before Walking Down The Aisle
11:30 AM Let’s Talk Credit
11:45 AM Collaborative Consumption and Car Sharing: How Does It Work?
12:00 PM Baby Steps (Financial Planning For Parents)
12:30 PM Housing Priorities On A Tight Budget
12:45 PM How Your Friends and Family Can Help You Buy Your First Home
1:00 PM Teach Your Kids About Money
1:30 PM Pre-Grad Planning For Post-Grad Success
1:45 PM Being A Smart Shopper: Cell Phones 101
2:00 PM The Four Money Basics
2:30 PM The $10 Solution To Saving Your Life Financially
2:45 PM Why Have A Family Lawyer In The Internet Information Age (and Keep The Costs Down)?
3:45 PM Crowdfunding Your Creative Project
4:00 PM Free Money, Grants & Loans For Business Education & Real Estate
4:30 PM Accessible Relevant Programs To Keep You Working While You Learn and Make A Difference!
4:45 PM Common Law and the Blended Family

Did anyone else notice that all of these kind of sound like potential blog post titles? Funny.

Anyway, I hope I’m wrong about being pitched at this event but, nonetheless, am looking forward to it (and will report back on it).

Have you ever been to a personal finance expo?

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