Sisterly Love and Turning Thirty

Jo,yellow bonnet, me, holding our little sister

I just love my siblings. The adventures we used to have together were surely a precursor to the lifestyle I would choose later in life. (Edit: Not that I would become a pioneer woman wearing a bonnet, but that I would be adventurous!)

I’m writing a lot about family these days instead of travel. But that’s okay, I like family. Today I’m especially enjoying remembering those good ol’ days, as it’s our oldest sister Jo’s thirtieth birthday.

Let me just sit here a sec and let that fact sink in

There’s two and a half years between Jo and I, but time flies and then it always seems like less than that when before you know it, I’m also 28. 29. and then just like that, 30. How could we be this “old”? The last ten years seem to have been sucked away by a full power vacuum!

As far as I know, that’s what birthdays are for though. For reflecting how short life is and appreciating we’ve been given another year, or that someone we love has been given another year. I honestly don’t know anymore if I feel these milestones more keenly because we’re getting older or because I live so far away.

Sisters, Sisters many times there were way more devoted sisters

Or isn’t that how the song goes?

In many ways Jo and I couldn’t have been more different growing up. And devoted isn’t a word I would have used to describe us. (No comments from the parent’s section).

But as adults, through marriage and moving to new places, (and I guess just what a therapist might call maturity), we’ve definitely discovered ways we identify with each other. And I’m really happy to have a friendship with her even across the miles.

I don’t feel as concerned approaching 30 as I thought I’d be

Actually, it’s quite enjoyable to imagine my big sister and I approaching even 60 and still finding new ways to identify with each other and still having a new story to swap every time we talk.

Yep, I love her to death.

But speaking of stories, tall tales even, if my dad happens to ask you if you heard Jo give her CD walkman to me or just loan it to me back when we were youngin’s, she definitely told me I could have it. (She decided she wanted it back though and that’s when Dad started the line of questioning because all hell had broken loose in our Christian home that day).

Anyway what’s the sibling relationship for, if not for a little bit of rivalry and “different perspectives” right? Or is it particularly a sister thing? Maybe its called brotherly love and not sisterly love for a reason… (Hashtag too many hormones in one place).

Hug the neck of the loved one you’re physically closest to today

…and reminisce over some mishap from the past. If for no other reason than to help you realize that time brings a little perspective, and some things, like a CD walkman, aren’t the most treasurable things in life. Which is good, because Dad believed her, and I had to give it back, by the way.

Happy birthday old(er) sister!

I ran away from the American dream. I ran away from some relationships. But I never intentionally ran away from my family. It was always just a side effect of my choices that I couldn’t be near them. So I’m taking advantage of technology to send a message across this horrible distance to wish a very precious person, happy birthday.

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