Heyyyyy fam!!

Hope you’re having a fantastic week. HAPPY FRIDAY, we made it! Speaking of Friday- OMG- I thought it would never come. It was the longest week everrrr!!

So, I posted on my Instagram last night, mostly kidding, but actually, not at all:

currently //  pondering how to excel in my career, maintain somewhat of a social life, count my macros, text everyone back, not neglect my dog, wash my hair more than once a week, keep my phone above 5% at all times, drink enough water, be a somewhat pleasant person to be around, and occasionally sleep.

Okay….. I know I’m being just a tad bit dramatic. But for real, if anyone has the secret sauce, PLZ send it to me.

I realize that it’s only three weeks into the school year and I’m already approaching burnout, which is NOT a healthy spot to be in. I’ve been giving the past few weeks- well really, the past three months- 200% of my energy. It’s been 0 to 100 for me, or not at all. That’s just the kind of person I am. I struggle with sitting still, and I give everything I’m doing my absolute all….work, family, friends, my health/fitness goals, you name it. I have so many personal and professional goals that I am striving to achieve, so many social events to attend, so many committees I’m on….and I’m kinda sorta killing myself in the process.

Like, I can’t even go pee without checking my email and trying to get ahead. Like wth!!

Top: Nordstrom / Shorts: Greenfield Avenue Boutique / Necklace: Sugarfix (Target) / Sunnies: Ray-Ban 

It’s totally cool to be ambitious, hardworking, and a total boss babe, but ladies, you need to recognize when you’re overdoing it. Everyone needs to be mindful of self care and realize when you are close to approaching burnout.

Here are 8 foolproof ways to know you are probably close to hitting your breaking point:

1.) You’re physically and emotionally exhausted.

You find that you are starting to not really care anymore. You’re completely and utterly exhausted. Your body craves sleep and unhealthy foods, because you are not getting adequate rest. You are quick to irritation and emotionally feel off-centered. Not a good place to be in.

2.) You are not respecting your boundaries.

We all need to have appropriate boundaries in life, especially when it involves work/life balance. When we choose to disrespect our own boundaries, it exhausts us. We may THINK that we can go at an extremely fast pace at all times and “do it all”, but the truth is that a fast pace all of the time is just not sustainable. At some point, our poor boundaries will be a consequence to us.

3.) You’re super irritable. 

Do you ever find that you just literally CAN’T when you’re so exhausted. Like, you have no energy to give to anyone – your spouse, your kids, your parents, your colleagues. Been there, done that! I find that when I’m close to burnout, my attitude turns negative when normally it’s positive. You lose your sense of “why” and passion in why you are doing what you are doing.

4.) You’re not practicing self-care.

Making time for ourselves is extremely important. If we aren’t practicing self-care, we are telling ourselves that we ultimately are NOT a priority. When’s the last time you truly relaxed, or spent time doing something that you love? Learn to say NO to certain commitments, and learn to take time for yourself.

5.) You feel like you never have time for anything.

The truth is, we totally DO have time for the things that we like doing…..we just aren’t using our time wisely. If we are not managing our time efficiently enough, and not respecting our own boundaries, we feel that we can never accomplish what we truly want to accomplish.

6.) You’re handling your stress in unhealthy ways.

Maybe you’re drinking more than usual, never sleeping, or using other unhealthy ways to cope with your stress. Don’t let these unhealthy mechanisms become habits. That’s a dead giveaway that you feel out of control and are at a loss of how to cope. Perhaps consider talking to a therapist to figure out ways to maintain life balance.

7.) You have stress-related health issues.

Stress does crazy things to our body. I know that when I hit my breaking point, my skin usually breaks out in a rash, or I get a headache. It’s super weird, but I know that it’s one of my trigger points in where my body is telling me, dude, you need to rest.

8.) You feel a loss of control.

Often when we feel burnt out, we feel like nothing is in our control. We have no ambition to do our work, because we don’t feel passionate about it anymore. We become more passive and are more apt to being lesser versions of ourselves.


Think you might be burnt out? No worries, you have the power to get yourself out of that space. Here are my tips on how to avoid it:

  • Self-care, self-care, self-care. I cannot stress this enough!
  • Make sleep a priority. Sleep is often the first thing we neglect when things get busy, but it’s so imperative to make sure we are getting enough adequate rest.
  • Make time for the people you love. You can never get that time back.
  • Set healthy boundaries for work. Plan out your day so you know what you want to accomplish, and not have to stay late to finish your work.
  • Rid yourself of easy distractions that add unnecessary “clutter” to our lives, such as checking email on your phone, social media, group texts, etc.
  • Chunk your assignments into what you need to do. What is most important? Put first things first.
  • Make sure you are eating healthy foods and treat your body right. When you are busy, your body needs the proper energy to keep on trucking.
  • Know that it’s okay to NOT be busy. Set aside time for yourself and give yourself adequate rest. STOP over committing.

Are you approaching burnout? What do you struggle with regarding this topic? Let me know in the comments below!!

P.S. Guys. This is random, but the coolest thing happened yesterday. A guy named Scott messaged me on social media and asked if I could give his beautiful girlfriend, Whitney, a happy 25th birthday shout out in my latest blog post. WELL DUH I WILL!!!! Apparently she is a huge fan of my blog, which means so much to me!! Happy, happy birthday Whitney! I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend! Thanks sooo much for reading my blog and supporting me. I hope Scott spoils you!!