Salted Caramel Apple Pie Recipe

Salted caramel apple pie is my new go-to pie for potluck suppers, Thanksgiving dinner, having guests over, and girlfriends’ lunch when it’s my turn to host here on the homestead. This pie is rich, sweet and immensely satisfying.

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I am all for kids in the kitchen. Mine started cooking when they were three or four years old. This caramel sauce is not for safe for kids to make. The cold heavy cream hitting the hot syrup will spit and sputter. Adults need long sleeves and oven mitts. Kids need to be away from the stove. They can stir the sauce into the apples when it all cools down and drizzle is over the pie when plating slices. If you want to skip making the caramel sauce you can keep it simple. Go to the store and buy two 12 oz jars of caramel sauce. Warm the sauce and stir in the sea salt. Salted caramel apple pie without salted caramel really isn’t quite right. You will miss the salt in the caramel when you drizzle it over the top crust at serving time.


I like to use at least two varieties of apples for pie – Honey Crisp and a Winesap. Use what you like best for pies. This recipe is different. You’re going to cook the apples before they go into the crust. You do this so you can mix in the caramel sauce without it flooding the bottom crust. You’ll have no empty air pocket (a result of using apple varieties that aren’t great for baking in traditional apple pie recipes) between the top crust and filling no matter what varieties you use.


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Salted Caramel Apple Pie Recipe

Cook Time 40 to 70 minutes


Pie Filling

  1. In a large sauce pan combine the sliced apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon juice. Cook until the apples are tender but not soft.

    Remove from heat and allow to cool.

    When cool, mix in the sea salt and cornstarch. When the cornstarch is well blended, add 3/4 cup caramel sauce.

Caramel Sauce

  1. While the pie filling cools, make the caramel sauce.

    In a heavy duty (avoid light weight pans) four quart sauce pan, mix the water, sugar and lemon juice. You need about 10 uninterrupted minutes now. Wear long sleeves and oven mitts to protect yourself from burns. The caramel sauce is going to spit and sputter while you pour in the cream.

    Over medium heat, stir the mixture until it bubbles heavily but doesn’t boil, stirring for three minutes after the bubbles start. Then, continue by tilting the pan back and forth while the sauce bubbles. When the sauce turns caramel brown, turn off the heat and set the pan on a cool burner.

    Immediately and slowly pour in the heavy cream, stirring constantly. When the sauce is thoroughly blended and creamy, stir in the salt.

    After the sauce cools to warm, mix 3/4 cup into the pie filling.

Pie Crust

  1. Place one crust in the pie plate. Cut shapes from the second crust using small cookie cutters or free hand. If you can do this free hand know that I am envious of your talent. After the filling is in, cover with the second crust.

    Mix the egg white and water to make egg wash. Brush crust with egg wash, place cutout crust pieces on the crust, brush them with egg wash, and then lightly sprinkle the entire crust with sugar.

  2. Bake at 350° for 30 to 60 minutes depending on how brown you like your crust. The egg wash will help it brown nicely and gives a beautiful color.