Runaways in Rome | A Photo Tour

One of my goals as I travel is to find ways to bring the magic of these places to those of you who can’t make it there yourselves. Rome got the better of me. We’ve all seen pictures of the Colosseum, the ruins, the Pantheon… But to stand next to them, to try to stretch your imagination back that many years… It’s something words, and not even pictures, can convey. But a large part of the experience is not just in these monstrous ancient ruins, but in the details. Here’s the details I was able to capture which I hope will help you see at least SOME of what’s to love about Rome.

Our Accommodation

Our flight arrived to Rome fairly early in the morning, so after finding and devouring our first paninis of the trip, we headed straight for our AirBnb. We we were welcomed by our great host who recommended the best pizza. We were so pleased with how spacious and pretty the apartment was!

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The Colosseum

Standing next to and inside of the Colosseum felt like being in a movie set. Although, I’m sure it was much, much bigger than a movie set. I actually felt I could get lost –as in totally lose my orientation. I felt like an ant inside a giant termite infested donut. The termites may or may not have been other tourists, and that illustration is just for a serious lack of a better way to explain the feeling.

Runaways in Rome

I’m glad I didn’t make this particular trip alone. It was great to have my husband and friends along so we could try to process together what we were seeing and experiencing. (And make priceless memories while we were at it). Having them there also made it seem a little more real. Hard to explain, but when I travel solo, sometimes I come home, go to bed, wake up the next morning, and literally there are no witnesses to assure me–yes, that happened!

Roman Forum (Roman Ruins)

Mamertine Prison

Personally, even though we didn’t go inside, this was one of the most relevant and interesting historical sites for me: A church built above where Paul was imprisoned when he wrote the letters to Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon.

Victor Emmanuel II Monument

The Pantheon, 126 AD

Sant’Agnese in Agone

The Pantheon was pretty impressive but actually my favorite building in Rome was Sant’Agnese, a 17th-century Baroque church at this square with two beautiful fountains.

Vatican City and Castel Sant’Angelo 

We hit up Vatican City where a couple of us were reminded of a Catholic grandparent who probably would have appreciated being there for more than just the beautiful architecture. So Ber sent his grandad a postcard from the Vatican’s own post. He’s generally, a much sweeter person than I am. I love that he takes time to do stuff like this.

Just an average day in Rome


Milo and his mom should start a blog of their own, but suffice it to say, we could have stayed the whole time in our apartment and been entertained just thanks to that cute, trooper of a two year old. Since they don’t have a blog I guess you could follow them on Instagram. 😉

Oh and because this is important and you were probably wondering what I wore to wander the streets of Rome… The girls had brought me a pair of saltwater sandals I’d ordered in the States. When I saw that Milo had the same sandals, I knew it was one of my better fashion choices. 😉 (Where are my Saltwater fans??)


We almost had enough time to see everything we wanted to in just a few short days. But we didn’t come close to having enough time to eat or drink all that we wanted to!

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Since it was my first trip to Italy, I was really taken in by the whole atmosphere. I sure hope this carefree, romantic air is breathed in other parts of Italy too because I definitely plan on going back. This atmosphere of intense colors, music, wine, pizza, flowers, teeny tiny cars darting through alley ways, jovial small business owners standing in front of their shops– it’s all truly addicting. I’m aware (or at least am being educated as I travel) how much diversity Europe has to offer, but Italy seems to cover just about everything I knew to dream about when I dreamed of Europe as a child.

What comes to mind when you think of Europe? If you’ve been to Rome I’d love to hear about your experiences there or your favorite thing you saw there!

Rome Colosseum Roman Forum Roman Ruins Mamertine Sant’Agnese


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