Review: Talulah Bean Cloth Pads

I want to share one of my favorite WAHM’s with my readers today !

You might think it sounds “icky” but trust me , it isn’t ! They are very easy to care for , I always rinse mine before putting in the wash bag , but I know I have heard others skip this step – it is completely up to you ! They are MUCH more comfortable than disposable pads , and of course better for the environment – and your purse ! A stash of mama cloth can last you years , and you never have to worry about having to run to the store if you run out. Many women who use cloth also find that they have shorter and lighter periods with less cramps while using cloth !

If you use cloth diapers , then there is no problem throwing your cloth in with them !

Don’t dread that time of the month , look forward to it ! If you don’t put your baby in scratchy paper diapers , don’t put yourself through it either !

When I started out , I came across a seller who was clearing out her store and bought an entire stash. They were priced fairly cheaply , and while they worked I knew they weren’t the pads for me. They were stiff , and would often leak but I kept thinking to myself …I need to use cloth…. I think I only used those for 2 cycles when I was lucky to find some others for sale. You know how it goes. This went on for a while , trying different brands and finding what I liked etc. etc.

When I found

Talulah Bean

, I fell in love with the skull print minky immediately and had to have it ! She just so happened to have had some in the seconds section of her shop so I grabbed them up. I also bought one of her hanging diaper pails and some small wet bags.

They came in the mail packaged so nicely , it was almost a shame to open them up…but I guess if I had never opened them I wouldn’t be writing this review ! They come in a Cello Bag , but if you don’t want plastic you can request minimal packaging at the checkout to have them wrapped in tissue paper. Not only does she send them in the awesome packaging , she has been wonderful about saving items for me and shipping very quickly. Oh , and shipping is always free ! So the prices you see , are the prices you pay !

I can only afford to spend so much each month so over the last several months I have been buying one – two pads at a time from Erica , and I also ended up buying a Mama’s Laundry helper. She even sent me her prototype of her

Minky Bean Slim

with one of my orders for free , and I got to name it !


diaper pail

was her prototype so it is a little bit different than the one she sells (mine has no zipper on the bottom and no funnel on the top) It comes with it’s own hanger and hangs perfectly on the towel bar in my bathroom , instead of diapers I use it for family cloth and it is very handy and well made ! It is 17 inches long and 15 inches wide.

I got the matching

Mama’s Laundry Helper

as well , it is big enough for around 6 mama cloth and comes with loops to hang it from – I hang it where the toilet paper is supposed to go! It also came with some double sided adhesive with attached snaps in case you want to hang it in a more permanent place…while still being able to unsnap it in order to wash it.

The plastic part that holds it’s circular shape did lose it’s shape in the wash but I was able to easily get it back to it’s original shape. I hang dried it , so I don’t know how it would hold up in the Dryer. Erica recommended that I hang it , so I did ! It measures 8 inches by 10 inches.


small wet bags

are perfect for using in my diaper bag and will fit one diaper ,


two if you really stuff them in there and will hold around a days worth of mama cloth. I have


8 mama cloth into it , but 4 or 5 fit the best. It is 8 inches by 6.5 inches.

Ok , all this talk about everything else , now onto the pads !

The blue one I have in my picture was a Basic Bean. I don’t see this one in either of her shops right now so I am not sure if she still sells it. This one is good for light days or spotting , but I found it was the only one that would soak through if I tried to use it on a heavier day.


Minky Bean

is my overnight/heavier days pad. They have a fleece backing , I haven’t had a leak yet and there is no bulk at all. It has two snaps and a fleece backing to help ensure it stays in place. They are 10 inches long. If you don’t think this one would be absorbent or large enough for your needs , she also makes a

Minky Bean Babymoon

which is 11 inches long and contoured for extra protection.


Minky Bean Trim

is slightly less absorbent than the Minky Bean , and is trimmer because it only has one snap. They have a fleece backing and have stayed in place every time I have used them. I use mine for all of my regular days and even for the lighter nights. For a while this one was my absolute favorite , as you can see I have more of these than any others. They are 10 inches long.


Minky Bean Slim

is my favorite of them all , and sadly I only have one. Because the minky is only on top this one is even trimmer than the trim but just as absorbent. Like the rest , the backing is fleece , allowing breathability , wetness protection and helping it stay in place.The only issue I have with mine is that it only has one snap for the width adjustment , but since mine was the prototype , the ones sold in her shop have 2 width adjustment snaps. They are 10 inches long.

The best part ? There are some that have been used for 6 months or more. There is not a single stain on any of them. Other than a slight pilling of the fleece they still look brand new. Even though all but one of mine are seconds , they are holding together perfectly. No loose stitches that shouldn’t be there , no broken snaps. No problems at all and great prices to top it all off !

I love My

Talulah Bean

products and would recommend them to anyone !

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