Review: Gosh Cosmetics #FoundationDrops

Gosh Cosmetics

Gosh Cosmetics have really been kicking ass with their vegan products, lately. When I first went vegan over two years ago, finding out which beauty products I could or couldn’t use was excruciating, and moreover, there was nobody to ask! Only extensive Google searching would give me answers, and even then I couldn’t be sure of a source.

In only two years its amazing to see how many brands are making life easy for vegans, and one company at the forefront of this has always been Gosh. Now, ‘vegan’ is the first suggestion on their dropdown menu of searchable categories. How cool is that?! #FoundationDrops was one of the first foundations I purchased as a new, unsure vegan so I’m delighted to see that it’s still free from animal derivatives.

Although they’re not Leaping Bunny approved, Gosh Cosmetics have been certified as cruelty-free by Peta, which is good enough for me! Judging by their Instagram page, they’re pretty committed to their vegan customers – to be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me if they went vegan all together in the near future. (I’ve always thought the Danes were a bit ahead of their time.)

The Gosh #FoundationDrops Formula

#FoundationDrops is labelled as medium coverage, but I’d say that’s an understatement given how little you need to apply. The texture is super lightweight and runny, and feels so thin on your skin it’s almost like wearing nothing.

I wore this foundation almost every day for months (yeah, that’s how long one bottle lasts!) and it never felt claggy or dry. Even working 12 hour shifts behind a busy, steamy bar didn’t see it patchy like most foundations go under pressure – instead, it gently faded. (I mean, I know it would be better if there were a foundation that just stayed put but I think satan would ice-skate to work first). It’s also made without perfumes or parabens making it ideal for sensitive skin, and contains argan oil which is great for staying hydrated and keeping spots at bay!

I would highly recommend this product to anyone with combination skin; it’s moisturising but not oily, and matte but not drying. The perfect combo! In addition it has an SPF of 10, which is perfect for every day use here in the UK. (Apart from on particularly sunny days. Don’t forget your sunscreen, folks.)

Something that really disappointed me was the lack of colours to choose from. As far as I can tell this product comes in only five different shades, from a pinky pale to a dark tan. I’m lucky enough to have a pale complexion, but this discouraging range isn’t going to stand a chance against newer brands with huge ranges. (I use shade 002 Ivory which has a neutral/yellow base, and I find it counteracts my pink undertones and hyperpigmentation perfectly.)

The Gosh #FoundationDrops Packaging

I loved this packaging when I first bought it a couple of years ago. I’m not exactly sure what it was; maybe it just looked calm and sophisticated on the shelf next to the gauche pink of a Barry M bottle..! My love for what’s inside trumps either way, and it looks sleek alongside the rest of the Gosh Cosmetics range. The only complaint I do have is that there’s no way of seeing when it’s about to run out – it takes me by surprise every time! It could do with a thin strip of see-through as an indicator.Instead of the usual pump this comes with a glass pipette inside, which was fiddly to begin with but now I actually prefer it. I find it gives me more control over how much I use, which is a must with #FoundationDrops because you need so little.

I’d Pair Gosh #FoundationDrops It With…

Back when I first got this I bought it with the Illuminating Primer Plus Skin Perfector and the two go together amazingly. I’d always recommend using a primer and foundation from the same brand because they’re often made to complement one another. Saying that, I don’t usually use a primer (I’m trying to cut down my daily makeup routine) and save this combo for special occasions. I also don’t think this product needs a powder over the top; it has a matte finish but, like I said, isn’t at all drying. It’s a winning combination, I can’t lie – there’s a reason I wore it for 4 months straight!

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