Relax & Revive at Massage Heights

I’ll be totally honest, massages are something I rarely treat myself to but every time I book an appointment I wonder what took me so long to go back. Recently I had the opportunity to pop into

Massage Heights

Meridian and Main location in Indianapolis and have a treatment done. I can honestly say that the entire experience was just what I needed.

For me, a massage is such a total luxury because with a full-time job, workout schedule and time for family and friends, I have very little me time anymore. I mean at this point, working out has become a routine and takes care of my mind and health, but when layered with massage it’s a truly therapeutic experience that gives you a overall sense of well-being. I love going to cycling classes at CycleBar and have recently added vinyasa yoga to to my routine and I’m loving it–but my body has reached a new level of being consistently sore. I’m definitely working muscles that I don’t target at CycleBar and let me tell you, it’s no joke.

Enter massage.

Regular exercise can improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance, but when you layer massage into your routine, it’s honestly a winning combo as these techniques work to relax tense muscle tissues, decrease nerve compression, increase circulation and aid in the removal of waste products from your muscular cells. Bottom line, not only can you treat yourself to a relaxing experience, but also help your revitalize your body.

Full disclosure: I have never been to

Massage Heights

before, but it was on my radar after a few friends recently shared their experience in their Instastories. First off, I love the online scheduling tool. I know, I know. Most places have this now, but I love that I was able to visually see availability, massage therapsists, etc. and book at a time that was convenient for me instead of having to fumble around with my calendar on the phone. Upon check-in, I filled out some simple first-time paperwork that let me indicate areas of concern, massage pressure and more. I was then taken back to the treatment room by my therapist, Karen, and we discussed what I was hoping to get out of the massage, what aromatherapy oils could be used, and more! I basically told Karen to do what she felt I needed after assessing my back and tight hamstrings and she did just that. I was able to receive the treatement that my body needed and I relied on Karen’s expertise and knowledge to tailor my experience.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, now is the perfect time to do a couples massage or just treat yourself! I loved my experience at the Meridian and Main location and would highly recommend booking with Karen. Not only was she super knowledgeable, but I also loved the additional treatment  elevations that could be done in future services to alleviate tension and help restore my well-being. 
Disclosure: a complimentary service was given in exchange for this post. All opinions represent my own and depict a true and accurate experience at Massage Heights.