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Writing can feel like a very solitary thing, but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing and interacting with other authors can really help us to grow as writers. It exposes us to new ideas about the craft of writing and can introduce us to opportunities we didn’t have access to previously.

As a multi-genre writer who is housebound because of her health, I can go days with seeing no one but my husband, so my online community is very important to me. It’s online that I get to interact with other authors as well as my readers and blogging has really helped to enrich my life significantly and has helped me to become a better writer in many ways. I openly admit, I wouldn’t be as successful as a writer if it weren’t for others helping me along the way.

That’s why I decided to start a Writing and Blogging Group. The first time I introduced the idea on here, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with the group. Then things in my own life changed. I started to care about my dormant creative writing career again and opened a second blog. I took on a partnership with my husband. Suddenly, the blogging group I had belonged to for a couple of years no longer fit my goals. It was too restrictive and it was clear that we weren’t free to discuss certain opportunities in there due to conflicts of interest with the group owner.

Instead of jumping from group to group until I found the right fit, I decided to adapt and change my own group to become exactly what I need and want it to be and I really think they’re on most writers’ wish lists when it comes to such groups. I really hope you’ll consider joining us if you’re a blogger or writer of any kind. So you can decide whether you want to, let me highlight my goals for this group:

  1. It’s a place to discuss the craft of writing (any and all kinds of writing) along with publishing, marketing, blog monetization and the handling of social media.
  2. Get your work shared!
    1. We’ve just started doing weekly blog shares. You share your post with an introduction and others post it on their social media while you return the favor. It’s a great way to get more views and exposure. In essence, we’re borrowing each other’s audiences.
    2. We’re also swapping likes and follows on all our social media and have a thread for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn, so you can help build your following on each, interact and share each other’s work more easily.
  3. It’s a place to network and get help. Want to do a blog swap? Just shout it out in group. Need some advice about an unusual affiliate situation? Ask away!
  4. You can offer your work for critiquing. Not sure that plot twist works or the wording is quite right in a poem? Share it and ask for feedback.

Want to join us to improve your writing and get more exposure? Great! Just follow the link and click join: Mykie’s Writing & Blogging Group

Please pin me and help promote our group! Thank you!

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