Q: 4 Months Update

You’re now four months old, Q, and you’re such a happy little chap!  Although you haven’t grown in size an awful lot, we’ve seen such a change in you since my last update at 3 months old.  So much has happened this last month…  Where should I start!?

Just after I wrote my last post, I took you for your second set of immunisations.  You handled them like a total pro and we saw absolutely no change in your happy mood and normal routine.  You cried a bit at first, like every baby does, but after a couple of minutes and a big cuddle with Mummy, you were back to being your cheerful self.  You’ve had a bit of a sniffle lately, as we all have seeing as the weather has turned back to the usual windy, wet weather we’re used to.  Hopefully the sunshine will return for the summer holidays!

You’re laughing and giggling so much more now too.  You think it’s hilarious when I nuzzle kisses into your neck and hearing your cheeky laugh is such a joy!  You also find it really funny when we smell your toes – I know, it’s a bit icky – but you get sweaty toes already.  How this is even possible, I have no idea – you don’t even wear shoes yet!  Or socks half the time!  You often lay on your playmat, chattering away to your light-up star or singing songs to your toys.

You have taken to using a dummy to get over to sleep between feeds and sometimes like a muslin cloth to cuddle.  I don’t mind that, and would rather you use a dummy than your thumb.  You’re still exclusively breastfed and I’m in awe of how my body still manages to provide everything you need to grow.  I still haven’t had you weighed but we’ve no concerns over your growth and development.  You’re getting so big, you’re starting to go into your 6-9 months clothes already!

Your new ‘thing’ this month is that you are starting to roll!  You’re not going all the way over onto your tummy just yet, but you can quite easily move on to your side, and by doing so you shimmy yourself around your playmat well.  You’re also reaching out to grab things – whether it be your toys or my hair, as your hand-eye coordination improves.

I’m not sure if you’re starting to teethe but you do seem to dribble a bit and have your hands in your mouth a lot lately.  You don’t seem to be in pain though, so maybe you’re just finding your hands.  I don’t know.  I can’t feel anything under your gums and you’re happy enough so we shall see!

Although you’re a little young to be watching the television, I have noticed you looking up at the screen a bit more lately…  I don’t know if you like seeing the colours and movements, or if you’re just looking towards the sound.  I caught a snap of you watching Wimbledon with me the other day!

Thanks to our lovely friend E for this beautiful photograph. Such a talented lady!

On 3rd July, we had you baptised at the local church.  You had such a lovely day surrounded by so many people that love you dearly.  I’ve been writing out Thank You cards for all your gifts in batches as my hand and wrist are aching so much!  You wore the outfit O wore for his baptism too.  I think it’s nice to keep things like that in the family – sentimental-like.  You were such a good boy – only starting to cry when I tried to sing in church – and were a dream all day.  You didn’t mind (mostly) being passed around everyone for cuddles at the party afterwards!

Another beautiful photograph taken by E.

I say this every time in these updates, I wish time would slow down.  You continue to grow so quickly and I know you’re not going to be a baby for much longer.  I only have to look at the other babies in the playground at school times and to see how much you’re coming on!  I know the next couple of months are going to bring some big moments for you – including your first holiday – and I plan to savour every one.

Love you lots like jelly tots, Mummy xxx

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